Hi, I'm lazyalam, a man afflicted by the terrible disease called the modbug. The modbug is a viscous uncureable virus, that makes you mod things, until you are satisfied. But there is a terrible catch, there is no satisfaction. You live everyday of your life, looking at your creations, thinking "It looks terrible" at that tiny little mark left by over-spray on the back of the motherboard tray that no one else see's. Even when everything is perfect the virus never stops. It makes you look everyday trying to force you to devise a method of somehow improving the design, despite there being none. The virus is a terrible thing. All I want is to build a normal PC, but if I blink even once, drop my guard for a second, then the virus takes control. When next I awake, the case will be in 30 pieces, the smell of paint fumes gently wafting off it. The CPU will be delidded on the testbench that you never knew you had, OCed under a custom hardline waterloop, at 20000ghz. Help stop the modbug. Don't let others turnout like me.