Hello. My name is Josh. I'm a patient and frugal builder who takes his time building computers. If I can find a good deal on a part I'll likely purchase it and start to build a machine around that. My machines may not be the newest tech, but I'm not too concerned with that. I don't pay early adopter tax.

Sometimes my patience helps and sometimes it hurts, but I feel I'm usually on the better side of it by far. Right now certain skills in PC building require a lot of money (RGB lighting, water cooling, etc.) but I intend to learn them all eventually as the price becomes right.

If you ever have any questions feel free to ask. I don't check this webpage too often, but I'm usually in the middle of a build even if it doesn't seem like I am, and the reminder to check in every now and then and update this (portfolio?) would be appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by.