Hello, all. I am just a high school kid trying to become a PC enthusiast, but school and cross country are getting in the way. My urge to build more PCs started as soon as I built and booted up my first computer. My father wanted to reward me for getting into a computer-coding class (HTML, CSS, and Python, basic scrub coding) for free last summer. He told me I got $500 to build a computer. My original plan was to get an outdated AMD cpu (because I didn't know any better at the time) paired with an overpriced GTX 750 (non-ti). I waited and did my research for another 4 months and convinced him to bump up the price because I told him it could last longer, plus run WoT on ultra (my dad didn't know at the time that a 200 dollar PC could run WoT) because my dad loves that game. So as time progressed, the budget became $700. In November 2014 I got my parts list together and gave it to my dad, he ordered the parts right away and all of my parts arrived within 4 days. I was so excited, so I built it that weekend. My dad ended up ordering an i5-4690k, an R9 280 (non-X), the cheapest Z97 Micro-ATX board available, 4 GB of RAM (I obtained 8 GB from my school a month after building), a 1TB HDD, and a huge Corsair 200R. After the build there were no issues and booted up first try. I am so proud of that. I will provide better details once I actually post my build up on this website. I have regretted cheaping out on the mobo and RAM, I wish I waited til about now to get my parts since RAM is half the price it was a year ago. I have been enjoying high frames and ultra settings so much that I am too lazy to post it on here. I want to so bad though. I want to make the post nearly perfect though, so any tips?

Anyways, there's my PC story

Things I regret: -getting an overkill cpu for gaming -going with MicroATX when I got a HUGE 200R -cheaping out on the RAM and only getting 4GB

What I probably should've done with $700 at the time (prices are what I remember of at the time): -FX-8350 ($149.99) -Hyper 212 EVO ($34.99) -Ripjaws X DDR3-1866 2x4GB ($79.99) -Gigabyte 990FX board ($110) -WD Caviar Blue 1TB ($49.99) -EVGA 500w 80+ Bronze PSU ($41.99) -Sapphire R9 270X 4GB ($200)(I also realize that's a downgrade from the R9 280, but 4GB vs 3GB VRAM is important to me simply because of Skyrim mods, plus the 270X can still play BF4 on high-ultra settings)

What I want in my next computer: -portability -small form factor (preferably mini-ITX) -enough gwaphics to run my favorite games like Borderlands 2, CS:GO, and minesweeper on ultra @1080p -overclockability (because why not) -Linux or SteamOS (I've never used either and want to test them out) -sexual attractiveness -a custom paint job done on it by yours truly -not required but maybe do a small CPU-only custom water loop just to get my feet wet when it comes to custom water cooling.

*If there are any suggestions PLEASE give me some insight, I want to make this an expensive hobby of mine simply because I love it.