Favorite Games/Series
Metro 2033, Last Light & Especially Exodus

Favorite Bands
The Beatles
Theory of a Deadman
Coheed and Cambria

BIO: Just a not so average 17 YO who loves anything that has to do with technology... except for mobile phones lol

I was a console gamer since I was old enough to hold a controller, (I think around 3 or 4) But the first game I played was original Halo with my uncle and man I still love that game. But enough about consoles, back in 2011 Christmas day I got my first PC (I had been into PC's since like late 2009 early 2010), It wasn't great, but it was mine It was a Gatewat DX4860-UB32P and it was fine for anything except gaming, I remember that Medieval Engineers came out and it required DirectX 11 and I had no idea what it was, so I went out to BestBuy (Just dont they overprice everything) and bought a GT 740 (Another dont all the GT cards are garbage except mabye the 1030) and got home, little to say the game didnt run great but i was kinda used to that after gaming in integrated graphics. and after that it sort of just hit off that I loved PC's but I'l always remember the fear that I would break the Mobo while putting in the GPU, also Interesting fact tile like 3 months after I put in the GT 740 I didn't know you had to screw it in lol.

CPU ------- AMD
GPU ------- NVIDIA -- Distributor - Gigabyte
RAM ------ G.Skill
MOBO ---- Gigabyte
PSU ------- Corsair
CASE ------ Depends on build quality & price, normally Corsair Or CoolerMaster
STORAGE - Western Digital or Samsung

Personal PC Builds
REV 2.1
REV 3.0
| If the same It means the build is up to date |
Current Build ( Probably Part List )

All PC Versions

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