Been around PC gaming since Age of Empires on my parents old cream colored Gateway and CRT. Raised on Diablo, and Heroes of Might and Magic. Recent Team RED convert after finally swapping my Ref EVGA GTX 480 (March 2010) for a Sapphire r9 380 4gb (For now...).

Steam: von.kessler` BF4: rkessler2401 LoL: vonFutharK

Future plans come 2016 tax return: ~Switch to Intel 6th gen! ~Actually color theme my PC, braided cables, and MODULAR PSU. ~With new setup, start streaming/recording.

Preferred brands: ~EVGA ~Asus ~Corsair ~Logitech (mostly perif's)

Current games: ~League of Legends... (Yeah.. I know.) ~Battlefield 4 ~Rust ~ARK ~Diablo III ~Steam Indies/Randoms