I'm Max, I and like PCs. Here are some of my favorites:

colinreay's Monolith -

Seatull's Desktop Rotisserie Oven -

DarwinPC's Project: Erebus -

quik00's White Tiger -

Protocol's 3970x Custom Loop Build -

Octothorpe's First PC V2 -

trocity661's Gurren -

dbonez1988's X-File -

NikkiKatz's Kuroyukihime -

Minomir's BlackMicrowave -

drchoi21's Opteron-V -

myriad's Wind -

jonbuckle's PC-Q37 Liquid Cooled Machine -

philipphaser's R2D2 -

therfman's Kong of Overkill -

statorator's Watercooled Crosshair Extreme -

MineTEM's Dual Personality Violet -

FabianX's ITX Power LGA 2066

DigitalEvolution's Enthusiast Full LC

Simulint's Perfect Dark

hanz917's First Custom Loop

upon many others...

PS, on this build there is a thread between "Zirf" and the OP that has been going on daily for 3 months. It's pretty awesome.