I see you've stumbled onto my profile page. Welcome, and let me introduce myself to you a little bit.

I am a relatively normal American teen, although I lived outside the US for 2 years, so I have a bit of Europe culture in me now. Not to say that's a bad thing, but it makes me just a bit more quirky than I already am. At least, to most Americans I've met.

My interest in computers has been a life-long thing, although it really rose up in the summer of 2017, when I acquired an old Compaq Presario 5000 from the basement of a family friend's home. The thing's rather old, having been built in 2001, and is quite the hunk of metal. I began to do some research on the hardware and whatnot about it, and developed a larger enjoyment in learning about technology, and slowly my scope of knowledge grew. I finally pitched the idea to my parents of me building my own computer. After they thought about it, they agreed to let me do it, as long as I paid for everything myself.

The first part arrived around January of 2018. It wasn't until April that I had everything ready, and then I pieced it all together in one afternoon. The first boot was incredible, as the feeling I had trumped mostly any other accomplishment I had, and for the most part still does to this day. There's only 2 accomplishments I can think of currently that I appreciate more than my computer. Initially, I was setting up a little market thing, where I'd build a computer and sell it for about 10% profit. The only problem was that I lived overseas at the time, and shipping to the States was quite expensive to ship over the ocean, so that fell through. Honestly though, I'm happy with the build I have now, and am quite pleased I didn't sell it.

Where does that leave me now? With this knowledge I'm hoping that I can have a job in the cyber world, preferably cyber security or something like that. I'm also planning on making a game over the summer, being a small Asteroids clone that if it succeeds I'm planning on putting it on Steam or something, so keep an eye out as I may be working on that.

That's somewhat about me. I'm not getting into family life or other personal things, but maybe in a bit of time to reestablish myself in the community I may.