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Enthusiast PC Builder and an extreme PC gamer!

I'm 22 years old and had a previous PC a while back which needed upgrading a lot! So I thought to myself why not build a PC. So I started putting parts together for the cheapest I could make, Came to around £480 which I was exited about. Was going to save up and buy that system and build it but my friend looked at it and asked me to build it for him... So my first PC build is for my friend, you can check out that build on my profile.

Once I got his PC up and running I was hooked, I wanted to build more, So I planned another rig for myself this time one to withstand the next generation of games 1080p 60fps, Worked out all the parts and is now on my profile! "Titan Dominator"

I have since upgraded my current system from the specs of "Titan Dominator" to "RED Fury" Specs.

I have alot of builds planned and I can't wait to show them to you all!

My Mini ITX build "Red Shuriken" serves a purpose, to show off extreme performance in such a small form factor using the R9 Nano!

Feel free to give me feedback on what to improve on each build.

  • Nathan