What's up all? Strictly an AMD fan and builder by choice here. I started building them way back with AMD chips and Abit boards. (that's when the wife brought home our first computer, a $2000.00 25 MHz IBM i Been hooked ever since. A lot of peeps jumping to Intel last couple years i see. That's all cool. (Intel finally figured out that all of us don't wear suits and work for mega companies, lol.) I say hey, it's YOUR personal choice on what you spend your money on, go for it. BUT, for those of us who want to hang on to the glory days when Intel was pricing there chips through the roof, it was AMD that delivered and brought "us" something affordable and stood up to the big guy. Because of that fact i stayed brand loyal. Anyways, usually all the systems i build last about 5-7 years of gaming, surfing and goofing. So here I am, probably building my last AMD system for awhile to come. I found this site and thought it was cool to share thoughts about parts and pieces, opinions and such. That's what it is all about, the home computer builder and his success and Gotta love it!

Stay Loose all