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Fan Controller

NZXT - Sentry 2 Fan Controller

( 4.2 Average / 23 Ratings )





Sentry 2

Part #


Form Factor




Power Per Channel

10 W

Supports 4-pin Fans



Touch screen interface
Five fan control through an intuitive interface
Ultra fast selection and response time
Display temperatures in both F and C
Light switch turns off the meter when sleeping
Automatic and manual modes of control
Full compatibility with all types of fans using voltage control
With a maximum of 10 Watts per channel, the Sentry 2 will support almost all high end fans
Tuned accuracy with only a tolerance of one degree
Sound alarm to alert when the temperature is over
Stored settings, the Sentry keeps your settings even after power off

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Mitzey234 80 points 48 months ago
from completed build My Rendering Machine

Sadly does not support 4pin fans but they do sell another fan controller that does. Overall this is a good fan controller for builds like the one I recently posted on this site and comes with a decent automatic fan control option with temperature sensors and temperature warning alarm

Dam5968 11 points 47 months ago

needed for the amount of fans (7 INCLUDING 212 EVO) I have running or not running at any given moment.

Dam5968 13 points 44 months ago
from completed build Nephew Mario "black and blue"

Case has a 3 speed fan controller on it but we disabled it since the digital one looked much cooler per my nephew.

om1kron 5 points 38 months ago
from completed build Years invested

For the price, this thing is pretty rad. It gives a simple readout of my system's temps and lets me adjust the fan speed on the fly if need be for individual fans.

OccamAsylum 16 points 35 months ago
from completed build Surprise, It's an AMD!

Love it, however the beep when you touch the screen makes me want to strangle something.