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DDR3-1600 or DDR3-2133?

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ChilleyChimera 57 months ago

I confused as to which type of RAM is better for a gaming rig.

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nightwishkid 1 Build 5 points 57 months ago

If you have an APU, the faster the better!

sixflags26 3 Builds 3 points 57 months ago

It depends on if your cpu can handle 2133 mhz of ram. Most of the time 1600 mhz is good enough for gaming.

Teejers 2 Builds 2 points 57 months ago

1600MHz is kind of the sweet spot right now for gaming. As nightwishkid said, if you have an APU like the AMD Trinity chip class then you'll want faster RAM to handle the data throughput better to achieve a higher FPS. Keep in mind that some budget motherboards don't even support higher frequency RAM without overclocking so check the specifications.

Oliver 5 Builds 2 points 57 months ago

1600 will be perfect even for a hard core gamer, and often times they can be overclocked.

benaiah 2 points 57 months ago

not experienced this, but from what I've read, it will also depend on what processor you plan on having. If you are planning on the 3570k, which most gamers do, going 2133 will serve no benefit because of the way Intel uses memory. However, if you are getting an AMD chip, 2133 will be much more recommended.

TheBigTroll 1 point 57 months ago

only APUs can use fast ram properly. anything else is going to be a waste

saber_wolf01 1 point 57 months ago

if you are using a mobo with an onboard video...the higher the better. to a certain point, the extra ram will be allocated to the onboard video...

gamerinmind 1 point 57 months ago

The higher mhz, the more unstable the the computer. I would recommend not going higher then 1866 mhz.

Tasty13 1 point 56 months ago

I mentioned in another thread that there is quite a few opinions on the subject but I ultimately based my decision off of this great article http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/memory/display/ivy-bridge-ddr3.html

Although it is worth noting that performance issues can arise with higher clocks.