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make headphones using AAA batteries usb powered. possible?

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codezer0 1 month ago

Long story short...

I have a set of turtle beach x41's. they're very light and comfy and the surround effect they provide (especially with optical feed in), is excellent. The issue is that being wireless and RF, the headphones part really chews through battery.

It's not often that I even find headphones that are shaped in a way that I would find comfortable, even fewer that would have a viable avenue to have support for surround sound. At least with these, I could use the optical out from my pc sound card or from my TV in either case and get the surround I'm looking for. Why does this matter? mostly so that if/when I'm streaming something and want to be able to commentate, so that the mic input isn't suddenly getting feedback from the speakers that I'd normally use otherwise.

but yeah, the big thing holding me back, is how quickly the thing drains batteries, and then how it gets snap-crackle-pop when the battery is low enough for it to complain.

It has me thinking, that if I somehow had a way to instead make the headphones/headset powered via USB, that would solve the power problem, and let me use the headset a lot more, even if it is (indirectly) wired. But I wouldn't know where to begin, or if there's even something ready-made like that to start searching on Google for it. So I find myself asking here.

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TheShadowGuy 1 point 1 month ago

Theoretically yes if you regulate the voltage.

The easier thing to do would be to get rechargeable NiMH batteries. No mods needed. Just make sure you get ones 'Made in Japan' like the white label Ikea LADDA/Duracell Ion Core/certain varieties of AmazonBasics/Eneloops and a decent smart charger. You could probably get 4 batteries and a charger for $25.