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Sabrent M.2 NVME SSD on Amazon

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Datamatr1x 1 month ago

last week I saw a deal for a 512gb m.2 NVME SSD for $79.95. An m.2 is really all my build is missing so I figured this was the chance. I looked at the overwhelmingly positive reviews on amazon and decided to buy one. Well, Amazon lost my order.

Anyways, anyone have experience with this m.2 drive. I am starting to think it's too good to be true before I get a replacement for the one Amazon lost. Or is this just a really good deal. I noticed there is 0 mention of this ssd on PCPartPickers forums.


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pcbldragain 2 points 1 month ago

It does not say anything for specs. I bought a XPG Gammix S11, in reviews they are very fast and very close to EVO drives at 3,500mb/sec. Or the XPG SX8200 pro is the same thing without a heat sink. They are just over $100 for 512gb, my 480gb was $92 or so marked down supposedly. I still need a couple parts to put it together.

Guess I would google it and see if you can find some reviews or tests on it, find the spec speeds on it. For example you can get that 1tb intel for $109 and it says it does 1800mb/sec, so yeah its slower than 3500 but that is dirt cheap for 1tb m.2. To compare SATA SSD is rated at 600mb/sec and tests at 550 usually.

I paid more for the Gammix but the performance is there. The Samsung EVO plus is 127 the gammix is 104, for 512gb right now (normal price amazon). 3500mb/sec is about the top speed range M.2 at the moment. Just saying you pay for that, if you don't get the speed it better be cheaper.