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Recovering data from old hard drive onto laptop

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PrAwK 26 days ago

So recently my laptop broke, (wouldn’t boot up, get to Samsung logo then black screen) and I really need to get a selection of files from my hard drive which was in the old laptop into a different laptop and ultimately onto my iCloud Drive. I bought a SATA to usb external enclosure https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/components-and-upgrades/hard-drive-enclosures/dynamode-2-5-usb-3-0-sata-hard-drive-enclosure-10146607-pdt.html and have had little success using it. I started using it with a MacBook, which registered the drive and I could view all the files on it, except it was very slow in loading the contents of the folders (folders with 200-400 RAW photos 5mb), this was very time consuming and frustrating so I decided to use an old windows laptop, running windows 7. This time the drive only occasionally shows up at the G:\ drive, it only says local disk and I can’t access anything inside it. I’ve been to computer management and the disk management only loads when the G:\ drive is not plugged in. In addition to this when it is plugged in, the drive is disabled and when I try to enable it, I get the response windows can’t enable it, code 22. Can anyone help? I just want to transfer around 15gb of photos from the old hard drive to ultimately my iCloud. Would putting the old hard drive into a different laptop work?


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