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New PC Build shut down and won't boot up if power is connected to gpu

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Dgielda 2 months ago

Hello Everyone,

Last week I built a new PC with my son for his christmas gift and all went perfect.. Well, at least initially. . .


The entire system ran as expected when we first booted it up. We installed Windows and then spent a few hours downloading new drivers, installing Steam and checking out some of the features of the Aorus MB and Corsair RGB fan control software . Everything seemed just fine and having had a great Father, Son bonding experience he went back to his mothers with his new box of joy and for the first day all was still great until he called and said that then computer just shut off while he was playing some Left For Dead.

So the next day I had him bring the PC back to my place and when I tried to boot it up, there was nothing other than the RGB lights from the Memory that would turn on. I double check all our connections and all appeared to be just fine. So I turned the power supply back on and pressed the power button. This time the fans stuttered, and one spot of RGB on the MB flashed, but the PC failed to boot or post. We did a bit more trouble shooting and discovered that when I unplugged the 6+2 PSU connector from the GPU and tried to boot the machine, that the RGB fans and RGB lighting on the MB all came on however the computer would still not boot or even post and the MB's on-board diagnostic lights would blinked past CPU and RAM but stopped on VGA. Thinking that it probably wasn't the XFX 580 card, I thought that perhaps the 650w Rosewill Capstone PSU went bad So off to BB we ran and picket up a new Corsair CX650M PSU. Got home, Unboxed the new one, pulled out the old, re-ran our cabling and went to power it on (assuming that the problem was now solved).... But No, we had the same problem again, Nothing except the RGB memory lighting .

So Now I'm thinking it's gotta be the XFX GPU because again, with the PSU 6+2 disconnected from the GPU everything (the RGB lighting on the MB, CPU fan RGB am and RGB case fans) would all come alive. So I RMA'd that through Amazon and got the replacement today, Installed everything, powered it back up and still the same problem; got no signs of life other than the RGB Memory lighting up. I Unplugged the 6+2 power connector from the GPU again and everything turns on fine, but the MB won't post due to there being no GPU detected and No on board graphics on the Ryzen 5 2600.

So I've replaced the PSU and the GPU and am still having the same issue. I truly find it hard to believe that new PSU and or the new GPU i got are again at fault, so I'm wondering if there is there anything else I should try? Any ideas what it may be?

Thanks in advance for taking time to read and or reply to my plea for help!



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