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New build issues...

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Charlesmass99 3 months ago

I recently built a new desktop using phanteks evolv x case with gigabyte z390 pro wifi, I7 9700k, gskill rgb ram (16gb), asus 1070 gpu, corsair 280mm water cooler, and corsair h850i Psu. I was able to boot it up get a lot of drivers and such installed even got all my lights to sync up. After the 4 maybe 5th time turning the system on when I went to shut it down it reboots. After some quick trouble shooting I tried a different (I belive it's the corsair rm850) Psu and it went back to working normal. What are the odds it's the Psu or is it just 1 of the cables? Also after replacing the Psu for whatever reason I lost my rgb sync and with the case lights plugged into the motherboard when it does shut off all the fans stay on with it unplugged fans stop but also noticed the mother board lights stay on (I did not notice if it was doing that before Psu swap) any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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