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Wanting to Light it up nice and change the colors

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Terminaxe 3 months ago

I have not built my own system in a very long time. I am looking at building a new system and I have so far this is what I have selected https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NTphr6. I am open to changing some things as needed. I feel very overwhelmed with everything and being out of the building scene for so long.

I like this case because the USB and the Headphone front jacks are on the front facing left.

I have several i7 system currently but wanted to upgrade to the new i9 to game on.

I have a 1070 TI currently so wanted to upgrade it to one of the newer ones.

until I started looking around at getting a new system I did not know a thing about the m.2.

Any advise on controlling the color of the fans inside? What do people do to light up the inside better now?

Last time I built we had these huge light bars that did the job but took up a bit of space and really did not have much control in on or off. I ended up putting the on/off switch for them in the front of the case and cut out a hole for the switch and drilled them into the inside of the case. This way I could turn them off or on as needed.


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