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Title Submitted By Replies Views Last Post
I have an RX470+G4560 but I only get 50-60 FPS on OW? I've seen other videos about this exact combo but thy get higher FPS? Does anyone know what the problem could be? Maybe I didn't activate something or I didn't install the right program? 12345nidal 12 45 1 hour ago by 12345nidal
PC can't startup after installing Asus softwares GrayStriked 0 30 4 hours ago by GrayStriked
Mouse is Intermittent Tfarcraw_III 4 46 4 hours ago by Tfarcraw_III
So many processes in Task Bar - Safe or not? bbjlfvr 1 29 4 hours ago by GentlemanShark
Odd HDD Symptoms (Posted on Reddit and Tom's Hardware and still have no solutions) DyingF8 1 26 5 hours ago by talby
H100i v2 ThatFalseProphet 0 8 6 hours ago by ThatFalseProphet
ryzen blue screening need help Omitted1 2 27 9 hours ago by Omitted1
Display not coming on when I boot up possible damaged cpu pins? Oldnotobsolete 2 43 12 hours ago by Oldnotobsolete
[URGENT] Display not working JtheGrEaT 8 71 14 hours ago by JtheGrEaT
My new monitor is blurry when watching videos? KevinLevrone 1 36 16 hours ago by GumbyGreen88
Do some video cards disable motherboard ports? Crazymadman 6 53 23 hours ago by Crazymadman
What is the Serial ATA Controller and why can I eject it? Crazymadman 2 30 23 hours ago by Crazymadman
capped and low cpu ZaCLoNe 14 81 1 day ago by GumbyGreen88
LOW FPS with a 1070 headshot8281 9 77 1 day ago by GumbyGreen88
Mobo wont accept any RAM in Channel A Sam_Flynn 5 36 1 day ago by Sam_Flynn
my ryzen dying need a doctor really though need help Omitted1 0 23 1 day ago by Omitted1
Motherboard slow mode wont turn off? Fallout2552 2 22 1 day ago by Fallout2552
Laptop Sticky Keys on mouse too? goldenseeker05 0 26 1 day ago by goldenseeker05
New Case Fan Setup Issue GumbyGreen88 5 26 1 day ago by GumbyGreen88
Power on PC, no lights, no fans, only faint beep from PSU SilentHell 4 37 1 day ago by jfish871
M.2 not showing up in BIOS jtrier1 2 29 1 day ago by jtrier1
System won't boot, no cpu led on coolguy562 1 28 1 day ago by coolguy562
Help with mobo drivers. Poller 1 45 1 day ago by ZaCLoNe
[Urgent] Build won't turn on at all anymore. tstier94 3 68 1 day ago by Planemaster
New PC build, my internet is now called around 5 MBS... sushi829 10 129 1 day ago by dashrsp
Connected to Public Network? shugoe24 1 29 1 day ago by jtrier1
No signal detected - New Build (Ryzen 5 1600x / ASUS Prime B350M-A / GTX 1050ti) MelinTrip 1 40 1 day ago by Porkyville
I need help Please! Laceyn56 3 44 1 day ago by Laceyn56
New pc (pre built) monitor "no display" KevinLevrone 6 73 2 days ago by Tquel
No video signal after running normal. Sudden crashing with no boot rg223 0 17 2 days ago by rg223
Boot order not working properly. Stinger159357 2 37 2 days ago by Stinger159357
CPU under performing all of a sudden? Fallout2552 0 20 2 days ago by Fallout2552
Ark survival crashing and freezing Fallout2552 3 44 2 days ago by SubNauticaWaterWorld47
Z170 motherboards with kaby lake, What's the big deal? Tiny-Wibel-Horse 4 63 2 days ago by adamxaffliction
Trying to stream but I still lag? DreamieKid 2 41 2 days ago by adamxaffliction
Computer not posting after upgrading RAM adamxaffliction 2 56 2 days ago by adamxaffliction
Hooked up Laptop to HDTV. Weird things happened. shreder75 3 56 2 days ago by shreder75
Really Slow Download Speeds Unused 14 73 3 days ago by Unused
Alternative case for build? sHEDeek 0 33 3 days ago by sHEDeek
a lil help builden my first computer please glyth 8 55 3 days ago by glyth
my first build wont stop crashing :-( denismcinerny 4 72 3 days ago by GumbyGreen88
Is my motherboard too deep in my case for the GPU to fit properly, or is the GPU bracket too long? nekminnit 8 94 3 days ago by OllieManMan
Temp issues/Fan control Planky 7 90 3 days ago by Tquel
R9 380 17.1.1 ReLive TacoNinja 2 32 4 days ago by TacoNinja
M.2 compatibility error on parts list Tsadkiel 5 90 4 days ago by manirelli
Im starting to lag in Overwatch? 12345nidal 5 49 4 days ago by Sam_Flynn
Speaker or headset not picking up ThisIsDolphin 5 36 4 days ago by ThisIsDolphin
HDD too wide for my case! Maverick1359 19 116 4 days ago by GumbyGreen88
Problems with my HDD and SSD fayerokko 1 28 4 days ago by Tquel
Mic not working on the newly built pc techies101 3 32 5 days ago by techies101