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First, thank you for visiting PCPartPicker. I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you find it useful. PCPartPicker wouldn't be possible without your feedback and feature suggestions.

Since adding this forum I've been blown away by the amount of feedback. That's a great thing! At this point though, the rate of suggestions is outstripping my ability to implement them all. So I want you to know that even if I don't respond to every topic and feature suggestion, I absolutely read every single post. I'm glad for every bit of feedback I receive - good and bad. It's my intent to improve and grow this site, and your input is critical for that.


- Philip

Title Submitted By Replies Views Last Post
German Amazon prices G_I_L 3 10 7 hours ago by manirelli
Change Inventory Merchants SearchN 0 5 8 hours ago by SearchN
Marking Troubleshooting Subforum Topics As Solved jakeSpot 2 27 9 hours ago by jakeSpot
[REQUEST] RGB support, USB Hubs, Mouse Pads and Headphones Stands droem 5 34 10 hours ago by manirelli
Sections for Webcams and Microphones (independent of headset) and depreciation of Software section AgentMiniman 1 21 10 hours ago by manirelli
[REQUEST] Make a button for CHOSE A LAPTOP droem 3 32 16 hours ago by EagleByte
Viewing the PC in System Builder. Maypewds 6 60 1 day ago by Jeff_M
A proper title for the Price Drops cheezmeister 3 49 2 days ago by philip
M.2 Drives - List Single or Double Sided ToniCipriani 0 10 3 days ago by ToniCipriani
[CORRECTION] Size slider in Storage T3THYS 6 27 3 days ago by droem
Sli-Bridges xXGeniusGamerXx 2 32 3 days ago by manirelli
[BUG?] Shipping prices in Germany zr0iq 0 14 3 days ago by zr0iq
Spanish eShop anibal667 2 65 3 days ago by anibal667
Dalco as a merchant? gamer74 1 29 4 days ago by manirelli
HDR option for Monitors DoritosMann 1 27 4 days ago by manirelli
Add Merchants? ananthpadmanabhanblr 3 31 6 days ago by manirelli
More Specific Part Searching on Mobile jakeSpot 11 77 6 days ago by jakeSpot
I don't see anywhere to put feedback on compatability Honasmith 3 36 8 days ago by manirelli
Quick part comparison worstcaster 0 20 9 days ago by worstcaster
Request: sort by motherboard audio. damric 0 21 10 days ago by damric
[Feature Request] Dual psu's? xXGeniusGamerXx 2 27 10 days ago by xXGeniusGamerXx
Price data not avaliable Eyescold 2 21 11 days ago by Eyescold
Items Changing Prices beemovie 1 34 11 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
PCPartPicker, please, remember the country I choose. Lebon14 2 30 11 days ago by manirelli
Expand Monitor Type Filtering options beyond just IPS or not IPS. somerandomguypc 2 23 11 days ago by manirelli
Way to sort forum posts bengy22 0 12 12 days ago by bengy22
A Nvidia or AMD video card box. mimiguy2 1 28 12 days ago by InsertNameHere²
Multiple different GPUs in a rig Boith 6 64 17 days ago by Boith
Canada Computers Tyrannian 1 53 17 days ago by manirelli
Review Subforum TheOfficialCzex 2 58 20 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
More item tables for complete office builds. NuclearCarmah 3 54 21 days ago by manirelli
Ryzen compatible/samsung B die guaranteed checkbox for ram filters? PhantomStorm 5 42 22 days ago by pegotico
Addition of "Includes CPU cooler" filter on CPU menu? Jack_Heywood 2 67 22 days ago by jakeSpot
UK Prices not working Edition1 2 32 24 days ago by Edition1
Add Eprice Merchant to Italy Merchant List Blackheart87 1 24 24 days ago by manirelli
[Discussion] What are some things you'd like to see implemented and are either ignored or simply can't be implemented? Dragoons55 17 163 25 days ago by Dragoons55
Removable Hard Drive Cage Compatibility KetoVapeDrumGame 1 60 25 days ago by philip
Not allowing access to mobile version of the site tragiktimes101 2 46 26 days ago by tragiktimes101
Request: Fan DEPTH/HEIGHT Galacticruler 0 26 26 days ago by Galacticruler
Show all info on the left rawsh 0 51 27 days ago by rawsh
The parent button in messages does nothing on mobile thefowles1 0 34 27 days ago by thefowles1
Pricing Issues CD1145 3 72 28 days ago by Root_User
[Suggestion] Add missing parts prices form lebanni 1 42 1 month ago by manirelli
RGB Fan header compatibility TacoNinja 2 62 1 month ago by TacoNinja
Sugggestion for Custom Build List improvement stewartrr51 0 73 1 month ago by stewartrr51
PC Parts Picker IOS/Android app TheOneDenz 5 129 1 month ago by Zeromus725
CPU issues Kr0Nc 0 77 1 month ago by Kr0Nc
[Australia] [Site Addition] www.dell.com/en-au Dragoons55 1 64 1 month ago by Dragoons55
Problems with the new Corsair cases Sayliex 4 63 1 month ago by manirelli
Dual PC config? DualPC 3 111 1 month ago by DualPC