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First, thank you for visiting PCPartPicker. I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope you find it useful. PCPartPicker wouldn't be possible without your feedback and feature suggestions.

Since adding this forum I've been blown away by the amount of feedback. That's a great thing! At this point though, the rate of suggestions is outstripping my ability to implement them all. So I want you to know that even if I don't respond to every topic and feature suggestion, I absolutely read every single post. I'm glad for every bit of feedback I receive - good and bad. It's my intent to improve and grow this site, and your input is critical for that.


- Philip

Title Submitted By Replies Views Last Post
Fix: Can't add 2 different types of video cards ( for multi-monitor non-sli / xfire ) to parts list... Acecool 4 94 3 hours ago by Acecool
How to get price ALERTS from all companies on a PC part nobodyuknow 1 18 15 hours ago by nobodyuknow
"Latest added parts" section ZlatkoMoloko 2 48 16 hours ago by nonoesimposible
Voting system to add information to products? Jersey.Devils 5 84 2 days ago by Jersey.Devils
Compatibility Check Broken? AsianPartPicker 10 112 4 days ago by manirelli
Apparently adding parts to your part list is broken (Again) Nater650 13 102 4 days ago by manirelli
Pictures Silicon_Shadow 10 107 4 days ago by Silicon_Shadow
PSU Shroud filter for Cases Esamenoi 0 29 4 days ago by Esamenoi
Custom Part Sections ashudow 2 59 4 days ago by tragiktimes101
Gaming compatability soundwave312 2 29 5 days ago by soundwave312
H100i v2 page not working trylaarsdam 1 29 5 days ago by manirelli
Adding Bigger Price Lists For Other Countries fcbfan56 0 33 5 days ago by fcbfan56
System Build Not Saving Across Logins ruffino 3 32 7 days ago by ruffino
Filter by OS lewashby 1 53 8 days ago by Captaincow285
Price Listing on Certain Parts for Different Countries fcbfan56 0 19 8 days ago by fcbfan56
Can you guys make an app. Coolguy1771 22 213 9 days ago by Zeromus725
PC building service subforum DaMysteryMan 4 66 11 days ago by DaMysteryMan
Please fix part searching... Acecool 1 43 11 days ago by manirelli
Benchmarks on the site as well altimmons 2 60 12 days ago by philip
Public Avalable API BreakTruth 2 55 12 days ago by philip
Topic Title Character Limit Nauthes 4 93 16 days ago by Nauthes
Y'all need a app... I'm serious! Cato2k00 12 124 16 days ago by tragiktimes101
Adding parts you can't buy anymore? SpaceOctopus 1 81 18 days ago by manirelli
Filter for front USB-C/Thunderbolt connectors on cases sonicbhoc 0 40 19 days ago by sonicbhoc
Feature Request: Sort Cases by Front Panel USB C option jrronimo 0 20 20 days ago by jrronimo
Setting Budgets and alerts for them Trinescity 2 48 20 days ago by Trinescity
Rework of sorting fands/coolers by decibels LordAppzyx 2 60 21 days ago by LordAppzyx
Night Mode Ridden_ 14 138 23 days ago by TheOfficialCzex
Add Friends/Subscribing/Follow Jackison 6 80 24 days ago by Alex.88
CJ Dotomi Issue OmniPeuchent 3 102 26 days ago by OmniPeuchent
what are the points for? misterwizard1325 11 161 26 days ago by ryansmission
[Bug] Can't update completed build's part list Aerlya 1 49 29 days ago by Aerlya
Ensuring You Guys Get The Commission ewhac 4 185 1 month ago by LordAppzyx
Images won't delete from Completed Build sixgunbuddyguy 4 76 1 month ago by philip
Upvotes and Downvotes? thedukeanator13 3 65 1 month ago by thedukeanator13
My completed build doesn't show in All Completed Builds knewbee 4 86 1 month ago by ctteg
Feature request: option to show case image for parts list Princealexi 0 37 1 month ago by Princealexi
Faster RAM searching gogo809 8 83 1 month ago by LordAppzyx
Randomized Partlist Generator SuperM4Tanker 2 96 1 month ago by legonate416
Feature Suggestion: Multiple Graphics Card Types AdmiralMikeRak 5 89 1 month ago by Thufix
Report button not working for me? legonate416 4 41 1 month ago by legonate416
How do I post an image? LAPIII 3 52 1 month ago by manirelli
Feature Request: Having the ability to add images to custom parts. jasonofspoons 1 40 1 month ago by manirelli
Brazil Location option Kerosh 6 85 1 month ago by philip
How to add an image of my pc in my completed build? theo935 1 31 1 month ago by DaMysteryMan
Parts Category Suggestion/Feature Request: Network/Direct Attached Storage Systems Pc_Unknown 0 50 1 month ago by Pc_Unknown
Changed version of "Create A Part List For Me" format hypergalaxy8 8 99 1 month ago by Nullarc77
Suggestion JarJarJamal 6 60 1 month ago by hypergalaxy8
frys or microcenter added as a website to buy from on pcpp charm103 1 79 1 month ago by tomtomj2
Read Only Database Account For Us SQLers CharlieLidbury 6 123 1 month ago by CharlieLidbury