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manirelli's Build Guide: Budget Home/Office Build


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Comments (Continued)

[comment deleted by staff]
deathbat6916 3 points 7 months ago

"or and r 7 or an 750ti"

Please tell me how that isn't recommending that graphics card.

[comment deleted by staff]
deathbat6916 1 point 7 months ago

LOL not even the 1080 Ti or Titan XP can do that in every title. Problem is, a 750 Ti is barely able to hit 1080p30 in the most demanding games even at the lowest settings these days. Maybe if he has a 720p display it won't be as bad, but the 1050 Ti is far more capable of modern AAA titles at around 1080p 60 depending on the settings. I'm running it at 900p right now but 1080p shouldn't be a problem.

[comment deleted by staff]