PC built for office use intended to process large amounts of data and run VM file server.

Part Reviews


Package contained CPU cooler ready for use. Very easy to install CPU. Handles heavy-duty tasks seamlessly.


Works perfectly. I selected this board in particular because it offers 2 HDMI ports (has 3 video ports in total, and can support 3 monitors), has built-in WiFi, and comes with M.2 . Heat sink for M.2 SSD has capacity to absorb heat from SSD. Mine SSD runs cool.

CPU cooler comes very tight (see a photo), and 8-pin power connector has to be connected before placing the board to the case because of its location.

Board supported AMD Ryzen 5 2400G out-of-box. Did not need to update BIOS. BIOS offers lots of settings: from commonly seen ones, to overclocking and LED settings.

Motherboards of this form factor offer limited set of features, but this one is the star for me. If you are looking for the motherboard that supports 3 monitors, comes with M.2 and WiFi - give this board a consideration.


Heat sinks could be more sturdy. Basic design didn't make me impressed. Having background in thermodynamics - these "heat sinks" are more for appearance purpose rather than for cooling. Aside from appearance, RAM operates perfectly.


Runs at a speed of light! Comparing to SATA SSD this one reads/writes files at a blink of an eye.

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