No issues whatsoever, excellent quality.

Part Reviews


For the money this CPU is as good as it gets. Can be easily over locked with Ryzen master without even rebooting.


Really good looking Asus RoG board with Aura Sync capability. A nice Bios with all the tools you might want.


Aura Sync compatible need I say more?


The price doesn’t yet justify this SSD but darn would I buy one again.

Video Card

All the Asus RoG Strix feeling we all like and love in this affordable 1080p beast. Easily Overclocked with the Asus software without needing a reboot. You can push this card to 2025MHz for extended periods of time and it won’t go higher than 60 degree Celcius


For the money this is one of the best quality built cases out there. Lots of room for giant cards and full ATX at the same time whilst looking sleek & elegant. Corsair really nailed this one. Still haven’t got my mail in rebate after a few months though. Also I would’ve paid more for the aura sync capability which is lacking on this case sadly. Otherwise, perfect for my needs.

Power Supply

Works as intended, not loud, nice packaging & comes with plenty of cables.

Operating System

Overpriced, like every other windows before.

Case Fan

These do not make a lot of noise but I would’ve wanted noise reducing screws in plastic rather than the usual. One of my fans on the top was making a rattling noise from the vibration, once tightened to its very limit it stopped.


If you’re an FOV freak such as I, you’ll more than enjoy this monitor. A lot of customizable features, the ability to have an onscreen crossair built in is very useful. An overall hidden gem in the gaming monitor world. One thing I would say is the extra 2560x1080 rather than standard 1920 can make a difference on your GPU. Tuning down a setting or two might be required depending on your card.


Had it for years literally, it never failed me. It’s even better with the new Logitech’s Hub software, as the old one was...meh. I mainly use this mouse for WoW and I’ve set up my 24 buttons into 24 different spells. Who needs a keyboard after this?

External Storage

Works as advertised.

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