High-end 9700k + 2080 gaming rig

(Also dog in TG side panel reflection)

Part Reviews


Works fine at stock. I lost the silicon lottery super hard, unfortunately (can't even get 4.9 all core). It runs reasonably hot while overclocked (I'm unconvinced by the solder TIM)

CPU Cooler

Functionally works fine, RGB controller manual is a little obtuse and I couldn't figure out how to get it working the way I wanted it to.


Excellent motherboard with a strong VRM, bios could do with a little work although I hear that might be getting better when x570 launches. Good rear IO and looks good.


Not the fastest memory, although I was able to overclock it to 3200MT/s with 15-20-15-36 for my main timings with a 1T command rate. Memory prices were through the roof when I bought this.


Fast SSD, great boot times and great game loading times.


Works but still is spinning rust so not comparable to an SSD but cheap enough for me to not care.

Video Card

The core is fine, the cooler can get a bit loud at times and can get reasonably hot while overclocked. I would recommend going with an AIB model which sells for the same price nowadays anyway.


Good case. I didn't really use most of its most important features but that reflects more on me than on the case. It was great to build in and has plenty of storage expandability and decent airflow. (I removed most of the hard drive cages to help with this)

Operating System

A little overpriced, just get it for cheap on SCDKEY


High refresh rate, good colour, good contrast, good viewing angles, no ghosting, Freesync doesn't work great with Nvidia GPUs so I didn't bother with it (every time you tab out of a game the monitor will power cycle).

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