I had long journey with this PC, it's not really that bad, handles new titles quite well despite it's age, it could always be worse right? At first, I had GTX 550 Ti and only 8GB, however the card couldn't handle stuff (It was crashing often on GPU intensive), so I upgraded to R9 270X couple of months after. Year later, I wanted to play Witcher 3, so I upgraded from 8 GB RAM Quad Channel to Dual 16 and added SSD. Today, the thing I can complain about is my PSU, it makes weird noises on startup or when I try to overclock graphics card, so I leave them how they are. Now I am trying to earn some money, but it's really hard when you're 13. Any benchmark was horrible, I couldn't even run one for CPU. A couple of days ago I buyed TX3 EVO because I was sick of how loud stock cooler was (60°C Idle !), and now I'm happy with the noise/temperature. Sorry for low resolution, my phone camera sucks.

Part Reviews


Despite it's age, it's still holding up well.

CPU Cooler

I love the temperatures ! Never had them so low with such little noise ! EDIT: It's already getting loud on games, go with something like 212 EVO.


It's very delicate (I broke the Turbo 3D thing while installing the cooler). Also, It support 32GB RAM, not 16, And HAS USB 3.0 on I/O, no header for the case though.


It's RAM, it's red. Don't have any problems with it.


VERY slow SSD, has 300MB read speed, but my HDD outperforms it in write LMAO


Very fast, 130MB Read/130MB Write, never failed on me.

Video Card

It's very quiet, I never hear it, fans don't even need to spin on idle !

Operating System

I only upgraded to it just because the faster startup and larger support for software. 3 stars because of telemetry.

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I just wish I had Intel now, the Phenom is equal on benchmarks to i5-750/760.