A collection of parts I had laying laying around.

The 560ti had both of the fans break, after 4 years of use. I replaced them with three 90mm fans. It peaks at 86c after 20ish minutes in Furmark.

Memory: Woo, mismatched ram! They're both at 800 MHz now (+whatever the base clock adds). Timings for both sets are set to whatever the timings for the Crucial ram is.

Optical Drives: Why have two of them? Why not have two or them?

OS: It's windows 7, enough said. I'll dual boot a linux distro at some point, probably openSUSE or Mint.

Motherboard: Eh. It works. There's no heatsinks on the MOSFETs, hence the small chipset heatsinks strapped to them. Overclocking could be better- It seems to support only up to 17x frequency multiplier, which is what my CPU runs at stock.

Case: About par for a case from 2004. No cable management options, 90 mm fan mounts, tons of 5.25" expansion bays. Anyone recognize it? I cant find branding of any kind on it. EDIT 04/03/2018: HAH, found it! It's a Rosewill TU-155 case!

Part Reviews


Not bad, though I'd recommend a Phenom or like a Q6600 over this. Or you know, a modern chip.

Overclocks decently- Mine runs at just under 4 GHz, at 1.520 V-Core. I'd drop it lower for 24/7 use.

CPU Cooler

I'd just go for the 212 Evo, but this isn't bad. Keeps my Athlon II X2 270 at ~44c average, and 47c peak. Not that cooling a 65 watt TDP chip is that impressive, but whatever. The mounting system is friggin wacky, though.


Eh. It's RAM, it works. Good speed for DDR2, though you may want to spring for a 8 gig set.


Eh. It's RAM, it works. Decent speed. Mine overclocked to 800Mhz without a complaint.


Just get bigger storage. Seriously, a 200 gig drive is a few dollars more. Not a bad drive, but has no purpose today.


Size is a bit lacking, but it's an okay drive.

Video Card

Still runs okay, even for today. Overwatch gets an unsteady 60 fps on low, Doom 2016 gets ~30 on minimum settings. Both of those are at 1080p.

Power Supply

What's the difference between a hand grenade and this power supply? You can tell when the grenade is going to blow up.

Being serious, don't buy this PSU, even if it's cheap. Spring for something like an EVGA, Seasonic, Corsair... Pretty much any popular PSU.


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Now THIS is a true ghetto build..... I like it..... I like it a lot.....

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BEAST MODE! Love this build.

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Sick +1 <3 the custom cooler

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