Was looking to downscale into a mini-itx build and always loved the design of the Phanteks Shift. Video editing is a part of my main profession and I also do light gaming here and there, so this build is perfect for handling both scenarios.

My biggest concern was cooling since I've heard horrible things about the thermals in this case. I went AIO for the CPU which has been able to keep my CPU at around 39-40c on idle and around 60c under full load. My GPU I went with a blower style as that is the best gpu cooling solution for this case in particular and made sure to give the fan tons of room with nothing in the way that could possibly harm temps. Currently it sits at around ~40-41c on idle and hits about ~65-70c when playing games (Overwatch @ 60hz 3440x1440p ultra settings). Fan speed is cranked up to about 55% and there is definitely some noise emitting from the case, but I was wholeheartedly accepting of some noise when I purchased the case. I generally have headphones on anyways.

By far my favorite PC build I have ever done and the perfect system to match my needs and wants in terms of styling and performance.


  • 1 month ago
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I love the look of the Shift! How was building in the case? I've heard mixed reviews, some saying it was difficult, while others saying it was a breeze.

  • 29 days ago
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It wasn't terrible, but its definitely not easy. I've built tons of rigs over the past few years but this one has definitely been one of the tougher ones. Extensive pre-planning will be your best friend when building but the outcome was worth it.

I'd say the toughest part about the build is handle all the cable management.

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Cool, appreciate the reply. I had a similar trouble building in my Masterbox 5.1 Lite, but I think this one would pay off more. Great build, happy video/photo editing and gaming!

  • 28 days ago
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I have a question for you beautiful build by the way but I have this case with a ryzen 7 1700x build inside it. What are the temps like with the i9 9900k as I am thinking of swapping the board and processor in mine for something like yours

  • 25 days ago
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CPU temps are fine if you're running an AIO. I recently got COD MW and my CPU temps only reach about 56-57c. GPU on the other hand is hitting 75-76c with fan speeds at 100% lol.

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How are you like the 2080 super Aero? I am considering using it in my small form factor build but can’t find any reviews for it. Temps seem to be good, which is my main concern in an SFF case.