Keep in mind this a temp. build to keep me rolling in my current situation

 I built my first computer early in 2016.  Having no clue what the difference between a GPU & CPU I followed a basic parts list I found on google like any noob.  Little did I know that would start an obsession of building computers and challenging my self to put more powerful gear in side smaller footprints. Around the time I caught the ITX bug, AMD introduced it's Ryzen CPUs that gave consumers similar performance at a much friendlier price. I've been a fan of AMD pretty much ever since.
 Right now I'm rocking a 4 core 1500x while patiently waiting for Zen 2 to drop. I can easily drop a 3600 w/ better IPC and clock speed without adding any heat to the system. Which will be great as it won't stress the vrms on my Asus b450 and more importantly it won't be an issue for my Cryorig C7 Cu to cool the beast.  Cryorig makes great CPU heat sinks but they are mostly held back by mediocre fans. This thing can will easily sound like a jet taking off under moderate temps, so the easiest derision I made was to swap it out w/ a Noctua A9x14.  Now I have an incredible quiet cooler w/ damn good cooling considering the size. 
 Now the for the biggest question mark for the build... The Radeon VII.  Now I'm not so blind to my own AMD bias to see this card is hot, at times loud, and is lacking in performance at times compared to the 2080.  With that out of the way I still love this card, and w/ some tlc you can get some awesome framerate at moderate temp. Plus the 16gbs of HBM2 memory should help when moving to more content creation type work loads in the near future.
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That looks well tidy, nice work!!

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How is the monitor treating you?

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Hi there to solve the heating issue of the Radeon VII card I heard that delidding the card and using AS5 paste helps, also lowering the voltage helps. Actually A LOT of people say that lowering the voltage is Mandatory, probably significantly improves performance. Anyways refer to this Reddit post, there are redditors that talk about lowering the voltage and using a different thermal compound to improve performance of the card.