Main computing instrument for daily entertainment and light work.

Built in 2017 at the time my prebuilt PC stopped working and I thought i better build one brand new.

No heavy gaming, no overclock.


Didn't know much about PC building back then and I thought I could get some cool case I liked, which turned out they've been long discontinued, like Cooler Master HAF STACKER 935 Side Window or Thermaltake Urban S71. Ended up with this case and I didn't expect it to be so enormous as I hadn't ever seen nor known what a full tower case looks like. This case is solid and as sturdy as its heaviness.

Cable space is too limiting for a gigantic case in my opinion. Done the cable management as pretty as I could, but even so, closing the cover still requires force.

The captive screws on the HDD cage interfere with L-shape sata data cable, so I had to unscrew some of them so my cables could fit.

The PSU bracket solution is the most inelegant solution. Only 2 screws holding them firm and with mere less than 100mm distance, Be Quiet forced you to use the redundant extension power cable.

2019 update:

  • Doubled the Ram from 16GB to 32GB using Corsair LPX with same timing. Couldn't find reasonable price for Vengeance LED and it would be too tall for the cooler anyway.

  • Replaced loud and cursed Intel stock fan with massively multi-fan overkill big black air cooler. Might be too much for a non-overclockers, but it might do justice when I upgrade the overpriced Intel to Ryzen in the future.

  • Add the 2 top exhausting fans and one bottom fan. The top cover doesn't have permitting gaps for the air to move, but still better than relying on a single factory-mounted fan on the back. The bottom should be able to take 2 fans, but the PSU bracket, despite using extension cable, isn't elegant and an obstacle in mounting additional fan as it would interfere with the PSU. Placing the PSU so that the head slanting on part of the fan might work, but it would make the interior ugly.

  • Some HDD storage out and in to make my workflow easier.

  • Mounted 500GB SSD on the back for warm-spare in case my m.2 died, which doesn't seem it would be long.

  • Add GT1030 to offload the graphics workload to dedicated GPU. Intel HD was enough, but better have a backup just in case.

  • Removed the ODD. I wish typical number of SATA port in typical motherboard isn't mere 6. I just don't have enough and especially, the first port isn't usable if m.2 slot is used.

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  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

if you were going to spend 200 dollars on case why didn't you get one with a power supply shroud

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

Wish I could. Unfortunately, rev. 2 of Dark Base 900 hasn't been released yet at the time of build. The first iteration of 900 Pro is at its infancy and not other case design piqued my interest at that time.

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

fair enough I respect your choice

[comment deleted]