For nearly 5 years I gamed on an awful lenovo y50-70 "Gaming" laptop; with a screen locked at 48hz refresh rate and eye watering cpu/gpu thermal throttling (couldn't game for longer than 2 hours) . I always had dreamed of building my very own rig and on the 3rd of september that dream finally came true.

This is my very first build and am quite proud of it; there is definitely room for improvement- cable management cough cough, however the corsair 280x made hiding all that excess wiring easy with it's two-compartment design.

All in all, this was a very fun build and will definitely recommend all of the listed parts as it was easy to put together and because everything is RGB of course!

UPDATE Upgraded to the EVGA CLC 240 liquid AIO cooler much better performance compared to stock cooler and quieter too! Though the fans do get noisy sometimes under load though. It's not a performance issue rather than the design of the fans themselves. But it's nothing to worry about as those can be swapped out if you're aiming for a super silent gaming rig.

Part Reviews


I was going to do an Intel build (i7-9700k) initially, however I changed my mind over some extensive research and decided AMD was best for me, due to features such as storeMI, more security features and overall value for money. I was able to nab the 2700x on sale and saved alot of money, meaning more money to spend elsewhere. The 2700x does run a bit hot under load if you overclock it especially with the stock cooler; but if you upgrade to an AIO it will solve all your problems.


The Aorus M b450 is perfect for overclocking with its dual bios feature just in case you mess up something. The only let down for me was it doesn't have Bluetooth, as I enjoy to keep my setup clean with as less wires as possible. Definitely not a deal breaker though as Bluetooth dongles cost peanuts.


I bought a pair of 8GB 3200mhz Hyper X predators which look really clean in this rig imo. I love the infrared technology the RAM uses to sync up the RGB together (yes it's probably a gimmick) but it's cool as wooing everyone who comes over when I put a card in between the two sticks causing it to de-sync and sync back again when I take it out. It runs at 2133mhz at default settings but It can be tweaked by switching between the XMP profiles.


One word- FAST. Takes less than 10 seconds to boot up, I wish the larger NVME SSDs were more affordable though since I filled up the 500GB on this pretty quick with work files and games.

Video Card

Mighty fine GPU more than capable in all game titles, though you might want to tune down the settings a little if your using this for 4K gaming.

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