Bought all the parts over the last year, CPU and MB bought pre-Ryzen. The machine is a beast and way overkill for what it is used for: Office 2019, YouTube, and Web-browsing. That being said, it should not need to be replaced for a very long while. The Phenom II x945 it is replacing is over 10 years old and starting to show its age. As stated above, way overkill. I really liked the performance of my laptop (I7-7820HQ) so decided to get an I7 for the desktop. Do I wish I waited for Ryzen? Only if they will ever come out with an R7 with integrated graphics. Not everybody games!

Part Reviews


At the time of purchase fastest Intel processor that had a 65W TDP. Like a cool, quiet velvet hammer.

CPU Cooler

Very efficient and quiet. Idling mid 20's working mid 30's.

Thermal Compound

Best Paste I have ever used.


Really basic board that had all of what I needed. Still has an open M.2 PCIe x4 slot and 6 SATA III ports to add storage when needed.


It just works, no issues. The heat spreaders are a little high.


Speedy little demon. Will eventually add more storage, don't need it now.


Wish it was bigger, no room behind motherboard to cable manage. Will eventually replace it.

Power Supply

Way overkill,but got it on sale. Love the black covered cables. Wish the you cables were modular also.

Operating System

Wish it was cheaper, oh well. No issues whatsoever loading.

Case Fan

Replaced supplied case fan. Whisper quiet. Simply the best!

Case Fan

Added front intake fan. Again, whisper quiet. Simply the best!


Excellent monitor, wish it was 27" .


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