Moved back to Germany after some time in USA. Had a rig back there, but used only the transportable items to start a build (marked as $0). Always wanted a high-end PC and for me this is it for me. Some items i bought locally so prices are actually a little lower, not much in the whole though.

Mostly use it to play games and day-to-day stuff.

Upgrades as of May 2016:

  • 480 GB SSD
  • 16 GB HyperX Savage RAM

Part Reviews


CPU: caught a deal at microcenter for around $200 i think. super fast, and clocked to 4.4GHz

CPU Cooler

works super well, quiet, and cools reliably


solid stuff, everything i need


New Ram, little red lines. solid.


for the time, it was awesome. today? still is :D


Bigger Storage, was on sale on Amazon. awesome price for size

Video Card

fast, fast, fast. 144Hz no problem 1080p + second monitor


sleek, roomy, sexy

Power Supply

super stable, quiet, efficient. a year without a hiccup


  • 45 months ago
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Nice build, have you made any attempt to upgrade to Windows 10?

  • 45 months ago
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Not yet Gonna wait till W7 is history

  • 37 months ago
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I am suggesting this based on what I see in one of the photos. In future builds do not place the Mother Board on the bag it came with/in. The surface is conductive and is by no means a safe spot to place your MoBo on. The box on the other hand will do just fine. Nice build overall, great job mate.

  • 37 months ago
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thanks for the tip, will keep that in mind from now on :D

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