Built this machine for university work (graduated now, WOOO!) and gaming when my old 2008 prebuilt started failing. Total cost at the time was ~$1500 CAD. All of the parts were acquired within ~2 weeks from NCIX, so I could have probably gotten a better deal if I had shopped around.

I am currently looking at shrinking my computer to an itx form factor for my new home setup, hence the massively delayed build log to review what went well/wrong with my first build experience. My two current options are;

1) Buying a itx mobo and case for the current cpu (Cheap option)

2) Upgrading the cpu, mobo, ram (GD DDR4 is expensive) and case (Expensive option)

Probable case will be a Fractal Node 500 or CoolerMaster 130 elite (Will post build log once I finally bring myself to spend the money :P)

Feel free to comment on my past bad decisions as well as my future shrinkage! . . . That may have come out wrong...

Part Reviews


Has worked wonders, haven't even overclocked it yet

Sidenote, I am using the intel stock cooler until I do overclock it


Works alright, had all the feature I needed, cheap on sale, overclockable if needed. Only thing I wish it had is WiFi


Originally ordered a different SSD (only 128 GB), but they told me it was back ordered after everything else shipped. Long story short, I cancelled the other SSD and went to best buy to get this one since I needed to get my system built before the school year (must have been in the mood to spend that day since it was double the price of my original choice).

Never had a computer that could boot so quickly and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a HDD boot drive


Didn't particularly need the hybrid drive since I have a SSD as the boot drive, but it was on sale for only $5 more than its non hybrid counterpart when I bought it

Video Card

Awesome price/performance. Silent when idle I can still play most games on high settings 1080p as of June 2017


Decent deal for $95 CAD, no window but it didn't matter with my desk setup anyways. I looked at the R5 (brand new at the time) but the extra $30 wasn't worth the front access bottom filter.

Nice and silent!

Power Supply

Got it on sale for $150 CAD, decent for gold+ fully modular and corsair link monitoring. Zero RPM at idle was the reason I didn't go for a cheaper one

Optical Drive

Cheap, reads DVDs. 'Nuff said.

Operating System

Originally had Win 8.1 installed (built my rig right before Win 10 launched). Windows 10 is leaps ahead of 8.1 as far a desktop functionality goes, but I've had serious Windows update issues that eventually forced me to reinstall from scratch. It fixed most of the issues. Most...

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  • 32 months ago
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The i5 4690k is still soo good but all your other parts are non itx compatible, the struggle is real lol. I would say stick to the same cpu with a itx build, you can always upgrade to a devil's canyon later for performance. And sell the old parts of course. Really good build for the nice while though!

  • 32 months ago
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4690k is Devil's Canyon :P

I've been looking to shrink to something like a Fractal 500 node which should let me keep the full length GPU and other components (should only need a new mobo, case and some thermal paste to remount). Only problem I've found is LGA 1150 z-spec mobos are scarce if I want to keep overclocking functionality.

Also toyed with the idea of selling the whole rig and building an itx from scratch... We'll see in ~2 months or so when I'm done travelling.

  • 32 months ago
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Lol sorry, always mean to say i7 when I say devil's canyon idk why. And yeah especially itx. Good luck though!