After 5 years of playing on an Xbox One, I felt it was time for a little upgrade. With this build I was aiming for a 1440p 60fps target at max settings, which it hits in most games. More demanding titles like Control and RDR2 also hit that target with slightly reduced settings. Anyways this is a HUGE jump in performance, resolution and visual quality compared to the Xbox.

Overall the build went well, the case was super comfortable to build in and I didn't have any major issues along the way.

Part Reviews


Amazing performance for that price. Not much OC potential but it's great out of the box. Highly recommended for any and all current AAA games at 1440p 60fps.

CPU Cooler

I only got this because the CM Hyper 212 Black Edition was sold out everywhere, I think that would've been a better deal for very similar performance. However, I have zero complaints about this cooler apart from the price, it looks nice, does its job well and is very quiet.


I really like this board, it has everything I need and more. In particular, I love the front-panel USB C header and the Intel LAN which make it stand out from similarly priced boards. The only complaint I have is that there are only two case fan headers and they are both in really crappy spots.


Nice RAM, looks and performs great and the price was fine for RGB sticks.


This drive is faaaaaast. About as fast as it gets below the terribly over-priced PCI Gen 4 SSDs. Windows boots in 3 seconds, games load so fast I can't read the loading screen tips.


Not much to say about this. It's a hard drive, I had it lying around so I might as well use it for mass storage.

Video Card

The 2070 Super is perfect for my target of 1440p@60. This card has an awesome cooler design, it's missing a USB-C port but that's ok for me.


I LOVE this case. It was amazing to build in and by far the best ~70$ case on the market right now. Thermals might seem bad on first glance but they turn out to be surprisingly good in the stock (dual exhaust) config, especially for GPU temps.

Power Supply

Good PSU, the cables were a bit stiff but in operation it performs well and is quiet which is all I need from a power supply.

Operating System

It's Windows. I hate it but it's still the best option if you want to play all the games without a lot of tinkering.

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