This is my second attempt at "building" a PC -- although, really, what I did for this was move the components I had already owned into a brand new case.

It's been over a year and a half since I had first built my PC and I've been gradually "upgrading" its components over time. I'm not yet able to afford moving up to Skylake, though, so unfortunately I'm still running on the Haswell architecture on a Z97 board.

I took the opportunity to upgrade to a brand new case -- moving from my Corsair 200R to the 780t Full Tower. With this upgrade cooling was the biggest thing improved. Along with my H80i GT 120mm Watercooler situated at the far-back on top of the case, I have two additional AF120 fans pulling air into the case. The default 140mm LED fans at the front complete the same task and the one 140mm fan in the rear helps blow the air out. I also took advantage of the new build to (finally) flip my PSU over so that it blew air out of the bottom.

The 780t is an amazing case but ******* was it tough to build in. Installing the components was fine and simple, but the cable management of all of the case headers and fans was an absolute nightmare. I wish I could have done a better job but I did it as basic as possible so I can worry about it later. The only concerning thing to me right now is that the Front USB 3.0 header is kind of stuck inside of its motherboard port...and my attempts to pull it out have resulted in the shroud of the port itself being pulled off. I've decided to ignore this for the time being to guarantee the front panel USB 3.0 would still work.

Part Reviews


Don't make the same mistake I did -- if you're going to upgrade the processor, it should be an upgrade to a new generation and not within the same. However, this made sense for me at the time as I wanted to get into starting a Youtube channel and Twitch streaming; having a processor with hyperthreading helps greatly with the editing software I use. Overclocked to 4.4GHz this has also been a really great choice for me even for gaming even though most modern games don't make use of the hyperthreading technology.

CPU Cooler

An awesome 120mm cooler that's allowed me to properly overclock my system. I upgraded from air cooling with the Cooler Master Hyper T4. The H80i GT has kept my new build adequately cool so far.


This is probably one of three things I pulled over from my old case that was in my completed build last year. This motherboard is still wonderful


People tell me that I didn't actually need to upgrade to 16GB as 8 was good for gaming -- and I would agree. However, doing so to this kit was definitely worth the price.


This SSD has the perfect amount of storage/cost and sits my large-capacity games.


Pulled over from my old case, my first SSD. Still runs Windows 10 like a dream.


I have two of these, now, rather than just the one. Still works wonderfully.

Video Card

By far the biggest update I'd done to my system. The GTX 1070 is an amazing card for today's gaming with its 8GB VRAM and Pascal architecture. MSI's sleek Twin Frozr II shroud design fits perfectly with the general aesthetic of my full build. Then there's the gaming performance. Holy ****. I upgraded from the GTX 970 only a year after getting it, but the 1070 is proving to be the absolute best choice for 1440p gaming.


Let's talk a moment about this case. It's an awesome case. It's big, takes up a lot of space, and offers plenty of space for air to effortlessly pass through. It has enough space for seven to eight 120mm fans and comes default with three 140mm. I added two AF120s to the top of the case to help pull air through and flipped my PSU over so that it blew air out of the bottom (even on carpet, there's plenty of clearance due to the bottom stands. Its front-header cables proved to be extremely challenging to manage, though -- there were a ****-load of them. The case behind the motherboard offers plenty of room to hide cables, but I'm probably going to need to go back and fix it as it's just a complete mess back there.

Power Supply

Pulled over from my last case. This PSU still has plenty of juice in it.

Operating System

I originally built my PC last year for Windows 8.1 and had since upgraded it to 10 through Microsoft's free upgrade period. Windows 10 is seriously what Windows 8 should have been from the start -- most folks would criticize it for its security features, but most if not everything that comes on by default can be toggled off and/or removed.

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  • 42 months ago
  • 2 points

Not a bad build... the Corsair link usb could be routed much better man. Right over the ram is not the ideal location...

  • 42 months ago
  • 1 point

Cable Management is one of my near-future coals. I just need to determine where a good way to route it would be.