This is my current computer. it's not great but it's not bad. Pretty happy with the performance. (The Corsair ML120 fans are 2-packs so that's 4 fans and the 2 fans that came with the case) The included case fans are mounted as intakes on the top, 3 of the ML120s are in the front of the case as intakes and the 4th ML120 is the exhaust.

A little mismatched with the CPU cooler and RAM but it's mostly white and black. If/When I make a new build I will probably keep this case and the fans but change everything else maybe putting a little more thought into what I'm buying... live and learn I guess, but it's a pretty nice computer still.

The Max temps under load are from running RealBench for 20 mins and collecting the average temperature across the last 15 mins. CPU hit 71C early in the test so I dropped the first 5 mins of the test. It balanced out around 65-68C. Pretty happy with the air flow of this case. Keeps my stuff cool enough, no more hitting +80C. CPU and GPU run at most under crazy heavy load about 30C away from max allowed temperature so that's pretty comfortable.

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