well I decided to give it a bit of an upgrade for now. New mobo instead of an old one (gaf2a78mhd2). with it a new cpu and ram combo, better gpu than the old (r7 240), until I get my hands on a decent 5700XT. the memory is higher clock, a little more voltage but also has a higher latency @ 16 vs the old (10).

Originally I placed a M-ATX mobo in the case until I could get newer parts, it will always be a continuing work in progress.

This is version 2 with this case, version one is located here:


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Is the ram overclocked to at least 3000MHz? Your Ryzen will run worse if it's not at least at that.

I think the gtx 480 sli is funny though.

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Yeah I agree the 480 SLI is funny, I didn't realize there wasn't any support with this B450 chipset. They're currently working independently running two monitors. As for the ram I'm currently using GB easy tune for now at a 29.33 stepping, so it's a little under the 3000mhz range for now. Thank you