So for a while now this PC has been going strong for myself and the family. I even used to play Rome 2 Total War and CSGO on the PC for a while until i bought my own PC and even though its really slow nowardays and you can really see it, it serves its purpose and has lasted for about 7 or so years.

But one thing that had been nagging at me for a while was how loud the PC was. So my goal was to try and make it a bit more silent and also find a case that matched in with the theme of the study desk that it was in.

So for the case, i i bought it used on Facebook and had my friend drive me around for the day. I got an XFX 600 watt bronze rated PSU already installed for free basically. I wish i haggled a bit with the money at the time because of the fact that the person i bought it from lost the HDD chassis and the fan controller.

Now as for the PSU. I was going to keep the one that was installed in the previous case but during the build it unfortunately "died on the operating table" and i had to change it. You may wonder why i didn't use the XFX one i got with the used case but i wanted to keep that to either reuse in another build or sell because its pretty valuable.

So i took this cooler master PSU i bought on Facebook a while back from someone who bought it new and realised it didn't have enough wattage for whatever Graphics Card they had.

I may upgrade the PC in the future with new internal components and probably re-buying the case just to get the hard drive cages but for now he seems fine with what hes got now.

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thats very coool

  • 20 months ago
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Thank you!

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