I have a friend that donated a lot of his old parts for this build. He had bought an older CyberPowerPC and has since upgraded to Ryzen leaving him with a pile of old hardware. We both have a common friend that was wanting to venture into PC gaming (CSGO, LOL) and found this would be the most cost effective way to do so. By donating his old CPU, Motherboard, 8gb DDR3, and Power Supply we were able to keep costs low while providing a PC that can handle a lot for the price. Every part I used in this build is listed, the parts that are $0.00 were the ones donated and all of the other parts are listed with the final cost including tax and shipping. The RX570 was an ex-mining card bought on eBay, when I received it I was sure to clean it and repaste it. After a BIOS flash the card was in perfect working order and turned out to be a great card for the money especially paired with a FX-6300. All in all this PC performed very well given the hardware and made a great introductory PC for a tight budget. The only parts that couldn't be reused in future upgrading that he actually had to purchase is the extra stick of DDR3 and the old PCI WiFi card.

Part Reviews


Got this processor donated for a build that's why I'm using it in 2019. Can't knock off any stars because it performs exactly as expected, paired with a RX 570 this CPU can hold its own in competitive gaming.


While it does what it needs to this board just doesn't do it for me. Even though it was donated for this build I can't recommend it. 1 single fan header really limits your options with case fans and it only has SATA 2 ports.


Does what it needs to. Plus the black PCB pairs nicely with all color schemes.


Great budget SSD. I can't say much for its speed because I have it running in SATA 2 but it is working and works much faster than a hard drive.

Video Card

Great budget friendly card that looks good. The metal backplate and RGB accent is something that no other RX 570 does.


Fantastic MicroATX case! Power supply shroud and tempered glass for this price is a phenomenal deal. The front panel is great for airflow and has a nice look to it. You do have the option to not hook the front panel's blue LED strip up if you don't want it glowing.

Wireless Network Adapter

With the motherboard I used this was the only option for WiFi card configuration. The mini PCI-E slot was covered by the graphics card but I was able to use the PCI slot below it. Installed the card and worked right away with Windows 10.

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  • 7 months ago
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Love builds like this, even though it may not have the most impressive and up to date specs it still looks as good as any new computer and shows that you don't need to go overboard to have a good looking and good performing machine +1

  • 7 months ago
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Nice job - way to take care of a friend!

  • 7 months ago
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Thanks! Always nice to add a friend in the Discord chat!

  • 7 months ago
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this is a pc idk though