Some what of a budget build for little Heza. She will use this PC mostly for playing Overwatch. This little box runs ultra max 1080P setting on OW with 70FPS. I am pretty impressed myself. We will probably upgrade the GPU when Nvidia releases Turing cards.

CPU and MOBO were a combo discounted from Microcenter.

RAM was a Newegg sale.

HDD was pulled from a VERY old pc of mine.

PSU was on sale in Bestbuy. Was originally planning to use a semi modular 450W Thermaltake PSU pulled from my old PC, but it only had a 4 pin connector for the EPS and it is not enough to power the CPU. The POSTest fails during startup. The PSU from Bestbuy solved the problem with a 4+4 pin EPS power for the CPU.

Lighting kit worked extremely well.

Bought some extra cable zip ties to tie down the countless cables from the non-modular PSU, as well as securing the lighting kit wires.

The two spray cans are from the shelves in Walmart; made a stencil out of printer paper; pink spray and clear coat took an hour to dry together. The paint turned out much better than I expected since it's my first spray paint experience.

Part Reviews


Coffee Lake is so great, this 8400 performs pretty much the same as my old 6700K.

CPU Cooler

I am definitely buying another Cryorig product in the future, this fan has everything you can ask for costing only $30. It looks nice, packaging was great, came with plenty of thermal paste that works well. Low profile that would fit in any build. Nice warranty. Amazing installation kit. Most importantly, keeps my CPU very cool at 28C on idle.


Very nice board for the price I paid for. It has way more features than I needed. XMP profile gets my RAM to 2666 MHz. Ultra fast boot option pairs with my SSD made booting system as fast as 12 second. However, if I were to restart my build I would choose another MOBO for the TTV21 case. The front TT case fan cable is barely long enough for this board's single system fan header. You can see the fan cable hovers right above the MOBO when looking inside the case.


Lucked out on the price right before Newegg ran out of stock. The heat spreader looks very nice.


I felt like I scammed myself after purchasing this, by assuming this M.2 SSD being NVMe. Would spend just a few more dollars on getting a M.2 NVMe SSD if I can just return this.

Video Card

Kuiet, Smol, requires no PCIe Powah.


This case is just fun to build in, with all the space you need inside for cable management. Overall 7 out of 5. The magnetic dust filters made it really easy to remove and do spray paint on. Plus it looks cute from the outside, who doesn't like a small toaster oven. (The PSU installation part can get a little annoying at first with very tight clearance on the PSU securing mount)

Power Supply

$30 from Bestbuy. I honestly did not believe Bestbuy is capable of selling products at a good price prior to buying this PSU. It works as intended, pretty quiet too.


100 ties for $4, works well, negligible cost.

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  • 22 months ago
  • 4 points

Super cute!! Good work on this!

  • 22 months ago
  • 3 points

Thank you very much!

  • 22 months ago
  • 3 points

Love the colors, love the paint job. It is always nice to see when someone says "custom pc" and they really put some thought into customizing it and not just "parts selection." I really like this case. I used it for my own custom build and its ability to remove and relocate panels/interior layout is great. D.Va is bae

  • 22 months ago
  • 3 points

Thank you! Your compliment on the paint means a lot to me since it's my first time trying to paint anything. I agree, this case is wonderfully constructed. Would build in this case again given the chance.