Built this PC almost year ago, and today I did some cleaning maintenance and replaced my case from Cooler Master Elite 130 to Rosewill Legacy V6.

I use this PC for mainly casual gaming (Dota 2, CS:GO, The Witcher 3, Terraria, Cities: Skyline) and Work (Game Development, Unity3D, GIMP, Microsoft Visual Studio). I use two 24-Inch screen on 1920x1080.

Love it so far! I am planning to upgrade with a low profile CPU Cooler Noctua NH-L9i , and maybe add some extra fans on the Case (can Support Up to 3 x 60mm) to improve the temps.

The temperature isn't so bad than what it was on the CM Case. The CPU run on 38-40C Idle, and 65-68C when gaming ( around 3 degrees higher than the CM Case ).

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Sufficient enough for my needs! I use my PC for work in Game Development. My usual programs is Unity3D (Game Engine), Microsoft Visual Studio, GIMP and Chrome with several tabs.

Video Card

I am really impressed with this card. Can run CS GO / Dota 2 on max settings at 1080p. Witcher 3 on Medium settings at around 30FPS.


I like it! I was afraid that it might be too small especially I am using a regular ATX PSU, but overall I am satisfied. I had to unscrew the side rack for my GTX 750 Ti to fit, but that's fine too. If you plan to use a custom CPU cooler, make sure to get a low profile one because it might not fit against the PSU. Also on how my PSU Intake fan is facing to the CPU Cooler fighting for air.

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  • 55 months ago
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ITX is some much fun to see how much you can cram in to a tight space. (Jipster... add comment later) Could you flip your PSU over so it's not creating a "vacuum" over you CPU? Seems like they would be fighting for air. Nice setup, I bought another ITX case today for a mini build like this. Build on!

  • 55 months ago
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That's currently my motivation! I tried flipping the PSU so that the fan is facing upwards, but the screw holes on the case wouldn't match. So far the temps isn't a problem. Nice! Will look forward to your build in the builds page!

  • 55 months ago
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+1 For Witcher reference. Cool build, like the choices, and as always, have fun with it!

  • 55 months ago
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Nice build!

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