Don't know why I named it that.

All prices are the price as of purchase


  • Gaming (Emulation, minecraft, civ, garry's mod......)

  • Some photo + video editing (photoshop and vegas/after effects)

  • Schoolwork

  • Media (Music, movies, anime...)

Other Stuff

I've been waiting to build this for a while, and seeing it all come together after saving for a while was an amazing thing to see. Runs games great, most run at ultra 144fps unless poorly optimized (Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, any ubisoft game (double parentheses; I buy all my ubisoft games on steam and end up cracking them anyway for the frames))

Future Plans

Well, immediate future plans, as in a month, I plan to get:

Afterglow Xbox One controller

USB bluetooth dongle

In a few months, I will get:

Deepcool Captain 240 Pro

Thermaltake R1 Plus

Maybe a Mixed Reality headset

In coming years:

Possibly a 2560x1440 144hz monitor

Ryzen 4000/5000 upgrade

Outro Thing before Reviews

Overall, very happy with this build. Literally the ONLY issue I have right now with the PC is storage space. And the fact I can't figure out the best way to hide the PCI-E cable in a cleaner way but that's my fault. May solve by getting PSU extensions that have more of a firm shape.

Part Reviews


No issues, powerhouse of a processor. Wraith stock cooler keeps it very cool and it's very quiet (although I come from gaming on a macbook turbine engine, so I don't have a true scope of what is silent, but this is silent to me)


Great BIOS, manual, looks, and a nice RGB ROG logo at the top left of the board. No complaints. And the pre-installed I/O shield is a big help.


No issues. Simple, plain memory which looks great and was 3000 out of the box.


AMAZINGLY quick. Windows booting in under 8 seconds, and programs install at lightning fast speeds. I could have gone for a single terabyte and be done with it, but I'm glad I have this as my boot drive. I do plan to add a 1TB SSD later though as I am running out of space on this.

Video Card

Sorry for giving 5 stars on basically everything, but I really have no complaints with this stuff. This card is great. It cools well, it's silent, and has that bling bling.


Very easy to build in, has an easy front panel connecter, and plenty of places to manage cables (albeit I didn't use some of them.)

Power Supply

As soon as I started researching this build I quickly found out SeaSonic makes the best PSUs you can buy, so I wanted one. They live up to their reputation, as this was completely silent.


Great monitor, and the colours out of the box were splendid, no adjustment needed. Bezels are decently thin too. 144hz is a dream experience; absolutely worth it, even if you are getting a card that can't push 144 hz in most games; because the ones that do are so unbelievably smooth. After a week or two, you don't feel it anymore, but if you go back to 60fps you will feel a substantial difference.


Got this a while before the rest. Very good keyboard, cherry MX switches are a joy to type on, feels like a treat in gaming and typing alike.


For me, this is the perfect mouse. With my use of this PC (3 or 4 hours after school) I don't need to charge it for a week (and I use the rainbow colour option, which is the most draining). Not to mention minimal latency, less than some WIRED mice, and an 80g weight.

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  • 11 months ago
  • 2 points

Luv your build!!

Amd please tell some of your benchmarks or average fps on some games, thanks!

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for checking out my build!

I haven't ran any benchmarks yet (I will try to find some benchmarking software) but typically most games on ultra hit around 115-144 fps depending on how demanding (or unoptimized) the game is. Every game I've played hits 144 fps no problem on high (unless it's capped).

I will post more specific by-game examples within the next 20 minutes!

Minecraft: Well above 144 on competitive type settings, 21 chunks render distance

Any source game (tried Gmod, portal, and half life 2 at max settings): Well above 144, hits the 300 fps cap

Civilization 6 (Max Settings): Around 128fps average on graphics benchmark

Battlefield 5 (Max Settings RTX off): Around 120-130 average FPS

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks bro, preciate it

  • 11 months ago
  • 2 points

Love the build. great job. +1

(You wouldn't happen to have a link to that wonderful Kirito wallpaper, would you?)

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point

I dont remember where exactly I got it, but later when I get back to my PC I will upload it to imgur for you (1920x1080 image)

Thank you for your comments :D

  • 11 months ago
  • 1 point
  • 11 months ago
  • 2 points

Thank you!