This is my first build ever. My previous PC was a an i7 4790k build I bought used off craigslist and it was becoming very tired from my day to day work flow. I added a 1070ti to help out with my premiere pro workflow but I wanted more.

I work from home and put my computer through heavy and long use. . I do a lot of 4K video and photo editing as well as lots of gaming on the side.

I probably went a little over kill for my needs but I couldn't resist the 3900x lol.

I'll need to upgrade my monitor set up to take full advantage of the 2080, but that'll be later.

It's only been about a day of use but man does it scream through anything I throw at it with lots of head room.

Over all the build was super smooth, everything worked perfectly after I enabled XMP in bios to get my ram up to the full 3200mhz.

Part Reviews


Absolutely amazing, screaming fast! I am seeing some weird idle temp jumps that others have noted, but I need to do more research on this/wait for bios updates.

CPU Cooler

Super simple to install, cools the 3900x great. I'm only knocking a star off because the CAM software from NZXT is awful. But it does the job.

Updated: Originally had this at 4 stars, but dropping to 2. This cooler looks and works amazing, however the cam software completely ruins anything good about this AIO. It's seriously so bad. Inconsistent and WRONG temps of my 3900x. Constant fan ramp up and downs because of the temp issue. Software crashes and doesn't remember custom fan curves to work around this. Truly don't understand how nzxt can make some great hardware and let one piece of software that basically controls all of their products be absolute TRASH.

I know the Ryzen 3000 series in general is having issues with a lot of third party software for monitoring but this is by far the worst. Reads 10c over actual cpu temp, pulls temp way too fast and jumps around. No settings to adjust this. Incorrect clock speeds as well.


Great motherboard, pretty easy bios set up and had absolutely zero issues. Can be a little tricky navigating bios but it's whatever.


RGB is absurdly bright and looks amazing. Runs at advertised speeds after XMP enabled in bios, super fast!


Crazy fast! Easy to install.


Crazy fast! Easy to install.

Video Card

This thing is a beast, I love it. Will need to use it more to see if I can manage the heat a bit better.


Beautiful case with tons of cable management options, the RGB strips and fan hub in the back are great. Love this case.


Super bendy, works and looks great. Cheap as hell compared to other ones on the market. Can't complain.

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  • 9 months ago
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Super nice build, +1 :)

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Thank you :)

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  • 9 months ago
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Sweet! Thanks for the tip man. I'll definitely look into this!