A slight revamp of my previous build if anyone ever saw it on here. A different case and better RAM while using the majority of my old parts. Sort of a mixed budget/high end build (at least at the time of purchasing all the parts). Finally decided to put it on here.

Part Reviews


Excellent 6 core processor. Fantastic and seamless upgrade from my Ryzen 1600. Easily overclocked it to 4.4GHz on an AIO with only a small voltage increase required.

CPU Cooler

Great Budget oriented AIO. Keeps my Ryzen 3600 nice and cool. Mine is practically silent but it can make a noticeable noise when the pump really gets going but literally any other noise will drown it out if you notice it at all in the first place.


Fantastic motherboard that I have had for a few years now. It is very sleek and has a bunch of features although some are admittedly outdated in comparison to new boards in 2020 that are built for the Ryzen 3000 series. This board has NO ARGB and lacks a second m.2 slot which are two big things im looking for in an upgrade in the future. I'm waiting for the B550 boards to come out before upgrading sometime early 2020.


Very nice looking RAM, sleek and with bright RGB. My kit effortlessly ran at the rated speeds and timings. Felt like a noticeable boost from my previous 3200mhz kit (at least to me) although nothing life changing.

Just to be clear since I've seen this question in a few different places when comparing 3600Mhz vs 3200Mhz. if the prices are significantly higher for the faster kit, you will NOT get a big enough boost in performance to justify the cost so get the slower kit if budget is a concern for you.


Great budget SSD! Very fast, not the fastest, but very reliable and cost friendly.


Very fast and very reliable. Have had no issues with it over roughly 2 years of using it as my boot drive.


Great Budget SSD! Not the fastest drive on the market, but it is fast and reliable

Video Card

I love this card. I got $120 worth in games upon purchase which helped my soul deal with the price ($700 at the time). However, drama aside, this is the best card I have ever owned. It easily crushes all games I throw at it on my 2560 x 1080p ultrawide. I also have a modest overclock on it which gives me a noticeable boost over stock. My only complaint is that these cards are too expensive, which is a critique of the pricing of graphic cards as a whole and not on AMD alone.


Overall I really like this case. The build quality is overall good although it feels a little cheap in some areas, but at the same time this is more like a mid range case that is not crazy expensive in the first place. The included SquaRGB fans and RGB hub are very nice touch since they cost almost as much as the case on their own. They are also quiet and look great synced with the built in LED strip on the PSU shroud. It comes with tempered glass, not tinted if that is a concern to you. It also has good airflow, with decent space at the front for air to get in. The space to cable manage is OK but not great, and can be pretty cramped to deal with. I would recommend this case if you are looking for a entry level case that isn't necessarily going to break the bank, and looks very nice once put together.

Power Supply

Colorful and reliable, have had it for about 2 years without any issues.

Operating System

10/10 would Windows 10 again.


An old monitor I got for 20 bucks about 5 years ago. Works as a good secondary until I feel like replacing it.


Love this monitor. Great colors and very smooth when overclocked to 75hz. It DOES NOT come automatically clocked at 75hz and I required CRU to get there.


Very nice keyboard. Clearly a budget option but the build quality is solid and the RGB is nice with plenty of different preset options but its not as bright as some might like.


Nice budget RGB mouse. Very solid feeling quality and very bright RGB.

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