This is essentially a degenerate child born of all the cheap price/performance ebay listings and spare parts I had around, all wrapped up in a high profile case with added rgb, with obvious influence from a particular youtuber. This is meant as a computer to sell, but for the time being I have swapped my ssd and hdd into it to easier test the system, and to tide me over until I can get my main rig upgraded.

First off, I dont know what chipset this motherboard is using. I havent bothered to take off the motherboards chipset heatsink and look, but I am fairly certain I ended up with a Q77 or Z77 chipset, as this allowed me to get to 127 fsb, taking the 2667 (v1) to 4.03ghz all core boost. The memory is running in quad channel, with 1866mhz at 9 9 9 24 timings with the samsung ECC 4x8gb kit. I am unsure who the oem on the ram is, but this kit is not listed on Pcpartpicker, so I fudged in a Mushkin kit. The gpu is a dell OEM 8gb card that has been lightly modded, with a bios flash and powerplay mod, and is running with liquid metal instead of tim, and OC to 1510mhz core and 2250 on the mem. When I sell it I will uninstall those mods and run normal tim and do a modest 1400mhz OC, as I know that is stable, at stock voltage. The 128gb lite on ssd is pretty good, about 500mbps writes and 400mbps reads. The 3tb sas hdd has issues in bios recognition but recognizes in OS for some weird reason. Probably the Huananzhi "dna" of the board playing some part. Its a fairly fast drive for it being converted to sata 6gb.

And before I get comments of "tHis iS 0uTd4ted" and "Why not ryzen?" This build was more for fun, and offers comparable performance to ryzen once overclocked and running the Intel instruction emulator you can get from their website, as well as disabling the spectre and meltdown patches.

"Oh no, that isnt safe"

A, it requires so much knowledge of the architecture to exploit that it would only ever be seen in the server space and hacking into high profile businesses.

B, I am fairly sure that Intel snuck in some "forced obsolescence" into these processors with those patches, as you lose a fair bit of cpu performance in the likes of cinnebench and the CPUZ benchmarks respectively.

More photos to follow when I have time.

For those who are curious, the motherboard is the Turbo Revision v5.1 and is a Mini ATX (no, not mATX, Mini ATX) form factor I found on ebay for 65 bucks shipped, and lacks a couple of the fully fledged boards features, and has really wonky bios tools that allow you to customize usb frequencies and pcie frequencies to match fsb OCs, which is a weird feature. And even with an 1866 oc on the ram + fsb, it still is 100% stable (windows and CPUZ still report 1866 or 1600mhz in dual channel respectively, but benchmarks show performance of a quad channel ~2133 ddr3 kit.)

End cost was 433.96 dollars all in including taxes.

I will provide benchmarks as requested, just probably not in a timely manner :P

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Second time using this liquid cooler. I dislike that it had a couple of white particles in the fluid as it came, so I flushed the system manually before the install and used the coolant included. Other than that, it is keeping the cpu at below 42c load under a prime95 test for over 3 hours and is extremely versitile, and allows for loop expansion if the user wishes it, using standard 1/4 in fittings. It would be a 5 star if it werent for the weird particles.


Wonky bios support, although that may be the motherboard I am using. Still, a good hdd for the money.

Video Card

With a decent OC and flash, with LM got it to 1510mhz and 2250 respectively.


Honestly one of the best cases I have worked with, and with really good features for the pricepoint. You would be hard pressed to find a pc case that looked this good and has this many features at this pricepoint. Tempered Glass and full steel, definitely a repeat buy.

Power Supply

Great power supply for the money. Ive never had a seasonic psu fail, and I doubt this will be an exception .


Not quite the same revision of the board that I have, but functions the same as I have bought both. Has strangely robust but bizarre overclocking features for a 65-80 dollar board (depending on the revision) and have had less problems with it than even high end z270/370 chipset boards


Overclocked to 4.03ghz all core turbo on stock voltage with a 210w power limit

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epic +1

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Thanks, actually made me laugh. +1

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Yeah. This pc can pretty well hang with current mid range offerings from intel and amd because of the tweaks I did with it. Its getting about the same fps as my 7700 non k oc to 5ghz just without the stuttering issues.