This is meant to be a simple, 1080p, gaming machine. I got the 8350 because I do like to stream and record videos, so the 8 cores are a bit overkill, but hey, it gets the job done. As of now, I've only tested War Thunder on it, and I was thoroughly impressed, even while streaming and recording, the framed very rarely drop below 60 on movie with the AA on max It runs a little hot so I would recommend an aftermarket cooler, but it's not a major need. The 750 ti a beast for its price range, would buy again for a budget build The case is actually an Antec GX505, the difference being a side window and a different front panel, I am happy with it The PSU is super ghetto and cheap, I will be upgrading to a Corsair later down the line The Motherboard is awesome with a bunch of features and cool lighting, happy with the purchase HDD is an HDD, nothing about it RAM, besides being a different color compared to the rest of the parts, is RAM

[REMOVED] Okay, in this section, I was explaining how I got windows and ways I recommended to get it, but the staff here can't handle the name of a certain site and they decided to change my thing without my consent. So I'm obviously angry. not because of the 'illegal' site, but because they changed it without my permission. If you want windows, I can't help you out because the people on this site obviously don't want me to help fellow first time builders and I can't recommend alternative methods of getting windows without risking it getting deleted so yeah.

The monitor is an old monitor I had lying around, is okay

I've had the X12 for almost 4 years now and it still kicks ***

So far, I am happy with my PC. I will be upgrading to a water cooler, GTX 960, and a better PSU down the line.

[EDIT MARCH 11] After having this thing running for sometime, I have to say I am thoroughly happy with it. The GPU is in need of a upgrade, which I plan to make a GTX 960, the Gigabyte Windforce G1. In PayDay 2, I can play it at max no problem

War Thunder is so easy to run

World of Warships isn't even a challenge

DayZ (Arma II OA) runs awesome on the 8350

Cities Skyline may need some settings turned down

League of Legends isn't even needed here

Red Orchestra 2 can be run on max easy

From the Depths is no problem when by yourself, though the multiplayer might cause problems

Men of War is run on lowest anyways because you need every bit of power

Euro Truck Simulator isn't no problem

Honestly, War Thunder is the most demanding game on this list and I only get frame drops when near the ground on cluttered maps in planes.

November 2017 Update:

This PC has been a major part of my entertainment for over 2 years now. I currently upgraded it to have a GTX 1060, a Hyper 212 Evo, and a SSD.

I only really play League of Legends on it anymore, but it's proven to be able to run Mass Effect 2 and 3, Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed 4 and Unity, and War Thunder at Movie settings.

Very happy with the build and I am about to upgrade my peripherals and power supply soon.

September 2018 Update:

Crazy to think that I pretty much have a new PC from this original creation. Everything's been upgrading besides the power supply, case, and HDD.

The new specs are: Ryzen 5 2600X Corsair H75 Team Vulcan 16Gb (2X8) Asus Strix B350 MSI GTX 1060 3Gb

It's crazy to think that I've had my baby for so long, and it makes me happy to know that my old 8350 has been migrated over to my VR Family PC. It's strange thinking that's she's even the same PC.

Probably going to release a new completed build to show off the new PC

Part Reviews


Great CPU for streaming and recording, though it runs super hot. I'd recommend getting an aftermarket cooler


Awesome motherboard, everything I could want from a budget AMD Mobo


Besides being a different color from the rest of my build, it's RAM. Gets the job done just fine. It is a little tall though


It's an HDD, nothing special

Video Card

One awesome budget card, can easily play War Thunder and PayDay 2 on high to max


I have the Antec GX505, which as a side window and different front panel. Has a lot of space for cable managment

Power Supply

Super ghetto, but it gets the job done. I would recommend an upgrade later down the line

Optical Drive

CD player


Great headset, lasted me 4 years and as never missed a beat

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