The primary purpose of this build is to allow my wife to play LAN Co-op games with me as well as being used for basic tasks like web browsing, email and some work related stuff. Any of the parts that are listed as $0 I had laying around in my spare parts bins. I was originally concerned about airflow in the case but that turned out to not be a problem even with a +75 core +150 memory on the GPU. I will be giving it to her for her birthday in a few weeks so I have only tested a handful of games and everything is butter smooth on a 1080p 60hz monitor.

Part Reviews


Great little quad core with decent clockspeed. Handles everything well so far.

CPU Cooler

Works in passive mode when not gaming and even under a stress test it maxes out at 52C. Great little cooler for a budget price.


A Solid board with plenty of features in its price range. An included M.2 heatsink is a nice touch as well.


Works great and looks sharp.


Great boot drive that I recycled from my test bench.


Slow but still decent for extra media storage and I got it for free so that's always a bonus.

Video Card

Would like for it to be a $125 area to compete with RX570 better but it is an excellent little card.


Looks nice, airflow is ok but I wouldn't put anything too hot in it. Wish it had a better cable cutout at the top for the CPU plug.

Power Supply

Cheap and it doesn't explode and I had an extra laying around.

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Sweet build