Finished the overall build this past weekend (8/4), the mobo was a little tricky to get configured properly to boot from dvd (windows10), but all in all once I figured it out, extremely fast and smooth sailing getting windows installed. Mobo driver's disk was extremely easy to set up, and has an armada of programs to assist with overlocking made easy, and superb fan controls.

I was worried about the cryorig h7 not being potent enough to cool the i7 7700k (i'm not overclocking), because I've seen some rough feedback on the processors heat under load. I was quite surprised, at idle i'm at about 29c for cpu, and 30c for system/mobo temp. Running games i'm at about 55c (+/- a few degrees) on ultra/highest settings. The processor and memory are amazing, virtually no stuttering no matter how hard I push it (Unless it's server/internet side). In the next few weeks i'll pick up a 1070 graphics card to upgrade.

All in all, I used a few old parts from previous computer (Graphics Card, Power supply, sata hard drives & BD dvd burner) which definitely helps off-set the over-all price.

The only complaint I have so far is with the case, while it looks great, it's interior design is not water-cooling friendly (in my opinion, with this particular setup) Mobo leaves only enough clearance on the top for 2 overhead cooling fans, and in order to mount water cooling the top is really the only option for a dual fan radiator (won't fit). You can put in a single AIO but you'll have to put the fan on the case side to get it to fit (radiator won't fit properly due to case design/frame). Which is the primary reason I went with the cryorig.

Part Reviews


Crazy fast, with serious overclocking potential.

Note: HIGHLY recommend getting a very good cpu cooler (or delidding your cpu)

CPU Cooler

Amazing cooling for the price, ultra quiet, comes with an additional metal clip if you want to add another fan.

No complaints.


I'm not overclocking, and this board is great. It's probably got quite a few cosmetic bonuses that you could get a cheaper board instead, but I wanted it.... so I got it. XMP (memory boost) seems to be working fine, do your homework and make sure it's got everything you want before you buy.

Dampening/Shrouds do sit a little high, use caution about case clearance.


Awesome memory extremely functional, and stays quite cool.

More heatsink colors (other than the obvious 3) would be nice.


Price to Size, got my vote. Transfers and game loading are extremely noticeable vs "older" hard drives.

Video Card

Older card, but still a very decent powerhouse especially for price.

AMD needs to get their s*** together when it comes to driver software.


3 stars for being very visual and eye-catching. Also the removable 5.25 bay covers (clips) are super helpful. Don't get me wrong based off of the 3-of-5 rating. It's a great case, "BUT" the inner workings and frame inside the case make it difficult in certain areas to fit standard size things like 120mm fans, or mount radiator(s). It does come with 1 front 120mm (green l.e.d.) case fan (which took me forever to figure out how to remove).

Good starter case, but unless you actually measure out the internal distances, you might be in for a rude surprise when you try to put a piece of hardware in, and can't.

Power Supply

Quiet, effective, and no complaints.

Case Fan

Slapped 2 more of these in the case, they're very good illumination. Pretty quiet, and decently effective for pushing/pulling air. I'd recommend definitely putting one of these on the green side-display window of the case to pull in air.

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  • 30 months ago
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Very interesting build. What are you doing with it? Screen res.? +1 for team AMD

  • 30 months ago
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Ultimately, I built it almost specifically for Star Citizen (which is still in alpha stages). Otherwise, I use it for gaming and media. It's definitely performing far greater than I'd hoped. The gpu will be the last important thing to upgrade.

In it's current form it's optimized for 1920x1080, that'll change in time. I can't do too much high resolution, not because of pc limitations, but the fact that only one of my eyes is fully functional. Too much to see gets troublesome. There's another monitor hooked up next to the one in the pic, but it's only 1366x768, I find myself moving windows between them to help with my vision issue.