this is my first from scratch build ever although I did have experience with replacing parts ect. in other computers. I found building in the sg06BB very easy I had to remove the hard drive cages to use the radiator but using the M.2 drive it didn't matter. I removed the case fan to install the AIO cooler. the corsair power supply cables are flat and stiff some may not like that aspect but I found it to be an advantage because once I got the cables routed where I needed they stayed in place without ties. the bios for the mother board is simple to use and effective. love the graphics card runs 100 to 140 FPS depending on game Some may find it a bit loud I am sure it can be adjusted with the fan curve but I did not do that as it is not to loud to me. this is the max length card this case can handle using an AIO. I left the ram at 3200 but it can be OC'd in the bios a bit if I wanted. the 2600X is fast and very capable auto boost seems to work well. I use this computer for MMO game ( GW 1 and 2 ) also the sniper elite series and internet searching . In my opinion it runs a little warm at Idle 55 C. how ever after 8 straight hrs. of gaming the top temp was 67 C. so I think considering the form factor its very good. the Ram and cooler pump lights are nice and bright and glow through the case vents nicely. booted and functioned perfectly on first power up. This computer will go from power button on to main screen in 5 sec. or less. overall very happy and excited to have done it. building was awesome.

Part Reviews


works great very fast auto boost is nice.

CPU Cooler

cools the amd 2600x in a SFF system very well runs quiet like the slim style of the radiator for this case


great bios M.2 slot works great nice overall look


Fast stable love the color ratation


fast fast fast . very impressed with this drive. affordable

Video Card

links with my monitor. great card for gaming.


love this case would recommend to anyone wanting a SSF build very easy to build in

Power Supply

quiet no issues at all. fits case perfectly. really like the flat cables for small cases fully mod. is great

Optical Drive

not loud reads quickly

Operating System

easy first time start-up

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  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

the GPU idle temp is actually 33 sorry for the miss info I didn't know how to edit after posted

  • 1 month ago
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Have you got any gameplay footage of gw2 as i am looking at building a pc of the same spec... does it run well on the 2600x?

  • 25 days ago
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I do not have footage sorry. however it runs great on 2600X. I find gaming on this rig very smooth.