This build was pretty cheap and was really easy to build. It took me five hours and I haven't had any problems with it. It was really fun and was perfect for a good computer on a budget. Really suggest this for a beginner who is not trying to break the bank. The Next thing you would want to buy for this build is more storage. I would suggest a cheap 1tb hard drive just to store all of the beefy games and files. (I already had a code for windows 10 so that would have to be bought if you don't have one).

Part Reviews


Not much to say about this, motherboards are too complicated lol, but this one offers a lot of compatibility for RAM and any other connections you need.


This RAM is top notch for it's price, it really boosts the computer, and acts for like 16gb than 8. Let's me run some demanding games that say they need a lot more than I have lol.


This is a great startup for your pc, and will load up your games and files really fast. The positive is that it is really cheap, but the negative is how much storage it has, which is not a lot.

Video Card

The main power of the PC. Not the greatest card you can buy online, but it really pulls it's weight. Let's me run games that require 16gb of RAM whereas I only have 8.


Everything fit fine and it looks awesome. The cord management was really easy and looked great. The only slightly annoying thing was that the graphics card space expander has to be snapped off, so I snapped the wrong one off and now there is a whole in the back as you cannot replace it. Just make sure that you know your sizes of your items and that they are compatible and it should work.

Power Supply

Works fine and is really quite but has a lot of excessive cords and they don't look that great but you can fit them in. If you're going for looks, you might want to chose another power supply.

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