I've build 8 PC's in my life so not my first build.

Was tired of watching my wife try to play her MMO with an APU low end lap top so decided a few month ago to build her a PC for her birthday.

To start off with, I needed everything except for the Corsair PSU (purchased several years ago and never used). The original plan was a low cost B450 ITX MOBO with a Ryzen 5 2600 (use the factory heat sink). Computex came about and that was when the plan changed. I saw the numbers on the Ryzen 5 3600 with benches of the 2700x so why not go for it. She doesn't require PCIE 4.0, but I knew the MOBO manufacturer would need to have the BIOS update out for me to build. That is where the ASUS X470-I came in. ASUS is always good about updating the higher end MOBO's and on the July 7th the new BIOS was ready for download. Besides, the ITX board is usually priced between the F-E that would mean between $280-$360. Since, like I said, she doesn't need the PCIE lanes it was a waste of money.

I bought everything over several months. I found 3-5 items in each category and waited for sale (price differences). Some Items I knew would only go up in price like the MOBO that when production ends they just go up.

For the case fans and CPU cooler (push/pull configuration) I chose Noctua. Had a hard time finding a dual fan tower cooler that could compete and still fit into my case. Besides I really do like how they look.

Started the build around mid May. Put the PSU in place as well as the HHD. Temporarily placed the fans to see if I would need the extensions. Replaced the front 200mm fan with the Noctua 140mm (space, the GPU length). Used some 3M backed zip tie hold downs (cheaper case not provided) to start planning out my wiring. Temp dropped the MOBO in place and checked out my RAM, CPU heat sink and GPU clearances (case supports 250mm GPU w/ up to 285mm past the frame). Found I had to take off the case front I/O and loosened the GPU end plate to get it to drop in while installing it but would clear fine once in place. Had some extra Corsair RGB nodes and lights so decided I would bling it just a little for her(didn't add it to parts list because it is odds and ends from kids presents, they love dad getting them new parts).

The build went great! Wires all fell into place as planned. Only took about 20 minutes to get it all together. Another 10 minutes for zip ties. Easiest build I have ever done (learned over time planning makes life so much easier).

Programing was the hard part:

WARNING AMD 3000 Series. I had planned for what happened, but those that do not, will find they screwed up. AMD did say the 3000 Series did require a BIOS update. What they did not explain was you can't even boot into the BIOS to install the update unless your MOBO has a BIOS flash button that will do it without powering up the PC. Like I said I planned for this and yanked my kids 1700X out of his PC and placed it in temporarily to do the update. Since I am a parent, for many years, I figured he didn't need to play that day so did the full windows install and ASUS updates before Flashing the BIOS from USB. A few hours later I drop the Ryzen 5 3600 in place. Turn the PC back on and it just comes to life.

The keyboard, mouse and monitor where her decisions. She thought a 27inch monitor would be to big. She doesn't like the sound of a mechanical keyboard. My kid uses that mouse and I couldn't beat the price.

I am not overclocking it like my build you will see in the photos next to hers. Not needed she loves the fact the NVME starts the PC in 20 seconds.

It was a fun build. I loved seeing how excided she would get as new parts came in. Then the long wait for the new AMD Ryzen 5 3600. She kept walking by it and saying so when is it coming in.

Remember a Family That Plays Together, Stays Together!!! 4 people all playing online together at the same time. I know what my kids are doing, LOL.

Photos to follow.

Part Reviews


Works as advertised. Tested on userbenchmark will test further but satisfied.

Warning. Must have 500 series board or a 1st/2nd gen CPU to update bios on 2nd gen boards. Will not power up to POST without that.

CPU Cooler

Easy install. keeps it very cool even under stress.


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I like it. Good price on the RX 590

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As someone who is hoping to build a pc with the same case and gpu, do you have any extra tips for the install? Also, how difficult would it be to remove the gpu from the case when upgrading down the road?

I bought the case on a whim after realizing the $20 rebate ended the day I decided it might work, and I already have the gpu with no intentions of getting a different one. So basically I'm trying to see how feasible the current situation really is. I'll also point out that this is my first build but my brother who has experience building PCs will be helping me, so it won't be a total disaster haha.